Thursday, September 17, 2015

Next Up: Something with Pears


Unknown said...

Still life with pears... Van Gogh, eat your heart out.

Unknown said...

Possibly something involving poaching?

Unknown said...

How about sharing that wonderful wedding cake recipe?

Lish & Matt said...

Hey Chef, I'm currently visiting in San Francisco and I had THE most AMAZING meal at a little cafe/restaurant on the edge of The Mission District/Bernal Heights.
Anyway it's called Precita Park Cafe and if NOTHING else you need to try their Housemade Buratta (on their dinner menu).
They also do a mean Thai iced tea :-)

My Food Wish is for you to take Michelle out for a meal to this little gem.

And as always, Enjoy!


Chef John said...

I wish I knew the recipe! :)

Chef John said...

Lish & Matt, thanks for the recommendation! We've never eaten there! Will have to try soon. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Kelly Toon said...

Chef John,

You are my food hero, and have made ME a hero in the kitchen numerous times. I need your help. What is the most show-stopping, fantastic meal I could make hours ahead of time, which does not need to be reheated before being served? I have three minutes to plate the dish before presenting it for evaluation.

I am leaning towards flank steak seared directly on hot coals before being wrapped in aluminum foil to finish cooking. I'm hoping that it would still be tasty and hopefully warm before slicing. I'd dress my "Caesar" salad before plating. This is the most "me" dish I can think of. However I am open to any of your expert advice. Thanks in advance and I look forward to tasting your "something with pears."