Thursday, July 28, 2016

Next Up: Something with Grilled Shrimp

Just a little heads-up that Friday's post will be up a little later in the day than usual, due to a sudden and unusual problem with my camera. My Canon T3i just started giving me "Movie recording has been stopped automatically" error messages after a few seconds of filming, and I wasn't able to finish the video. Apparently, I need a faster card, which is weird since this one has been working for months. I know shockingly little about cameras, so if you have any additional info, or advice, please share. Thank you, and stay tuned!


Patty Cake's Pantry said...

My camera works fine, but my blog refuses to let me upload photos. I hope you get your camera problem sorted out. Technology is a blessing and a curse. At least, it makes me curse occasionally.

Marshalrusty said...

Hi Chef,

That's a pretty common error message on this camera. The camera records to a buffer and then moves the data over to the card. What's happening is that the buffer is filling up, causing it to stop recording.

The most likely answer, and the one easiest to resolve, is that the card is faulty. Many manufacturers have long (or even lifetime) warranties on their cards, so you may be able to get it replaced. I'm sure you're not going to wait, so just buy a fast class 10 (or better yet, UHS) replacement.

Alternatively, the camera itself is faulty. You could try updating the firmware and resetting it to factory settings. Sometimes that will take care of it temporarily, but the problem usually comes back eventually and requires warranty service.

Unknown said...

My Camera does the exact same thing when using SanDisk SDHC cards (I have the same camera), but with SanDisk ultra I didn't have a problem. However, I can't confirm that would work perfectly for your camera (despite being the same make and model). It's a bit of trial and error and experimentation with different types of cards until you get the right one, in my experience.

Matthew said...

Instead of simply deleting your card after each recording, it may pay to format it.

If your camera has the option, use your camera to do this (You may need to search through some of the sub-menus, my camera, for the example, has the format option in the "Set Up" option).

Unknown said...

Is your card full?

Unknown said...

Hi Chef John, love your blog! Backup any files off of the SD card that you need, and from your camera, do a format card, and be sure to check the "low level format" box. This may clear up your issue, if not, there may be an issue with your card.