Friday, June 16, 2017

The Butcher's Steak – Too Good to Sell?

This great steak is considered something of a butcher shop “secret,” but not because they’re selfish, and can’t stand the thought of you being happy. It’s just an odd looking cut, which requires a specific trimming technique to remove one of the toughest pieces of connective tissue on the entire animal.

Combine that with the fact that there’s only one per cow, and you have something that’s a little tricky to sell, although that seems to be changing a bit. This steak has become popular on restaurant menus, going by the name, “hanger steak,” and that’s led to it being carried in some of your finer butcher shops.

Even though it takes a little bit of time, the trimming is pretty simple, and probably easier than I made it look. Carefully trim away any of the tough-feeling membranes on the surface, and divide in half lengthwise, along the center connective tissue. Once that’s cut away, you’re pretty much done, other than deciding how to cook it.

Butcher’s steak is great in a pan, under the broiler, and of course, on the grill. It takes to marinades wonderfully, and can sub in for any cut of steak in any recipe. It’s not only tender, and affordable, but also extremely beefy.

This is probably the most strongly flavored steak cut, and some even describe it as having a subtle gaminess, although I think that’s a bit much. There’s only one way to know for sure, so I really do hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 4 portions:
1 whole butcher’s steak aka hanger steak, about 2 pounds
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 tablespoon clarified butter
For the sauce:
2/3 cup chicken broth to deglaze pan
juices from resting steaks
2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar, or to taste
2 tablespoon cold butter, cut in cubes
salt to taste


Unknown said...

2 pounds of salt are listed on the ingredients...? I think you used less salt in your Salt Crusted Beef Tenderloin video.

Unknown said...

Speaking of odd cuts of beef, can you do a video on "Soylent Green"? Mmmm, delicious!

Corni said...

Hi Chef,

Do you always measure your ingredients by volume ( cups )?
Isn't more complicated this way?
For some ingredients is hard for us non-americans because
we can't find the correct conversion.

Samuel said...

Please forgive my ignorance, but is this also known as flat iron steak? Is there a difference?

Points2Ponder said...

Thank You for all your videos and great hard work .....U showed us the way @ I must thank U......... happy fathers day Chef John .......

Unknown said...

Onglet.. Bistro Steak ... the classic for Steak Frites in France... the price already rising here in the UK.. Dammit, if only there was more than one per cow!

Anonymous said...

Of course now that it's getting so popular because it's cheap, what do you want to bet in a few years it'll be the most expensive part of the cow? (see also: what happened to chicken wings...)

Miguel Gaiowski said...

Hi Chef John, can you share where you purchased this cut? I also live in the bay area but haven't seen it in the butcher counters around me.

jd said...

Miguel, are you also on the peninsula? i am in the san carlos area and bianchini's has it. you should be able to find it relatively easily. just ask for hanger steaks. but if that doesn't work, try and better grocery store/butcher :P

good luck!

Unknown said...

Would cooking this sous vide work (Texture wise)?

paulcantcook said...

Miguel, ask your butcher, it may not be in the case. I also live in SF. I buy meat at TJ's or WF, not found an independent butcher, so I would also like to know. But I have found you can get chicken neck and bones for stock if you ask, but they don't put those in the case.

Best of luck,

Ted B. said...

My local Acme Market has Flank Steak for $11.99/lb, yet Boneless NY Strip is ONLY $7.99/lb. So-much for Flank and Hanger Steaks being affordable.

Unknown said...

I loved it!!! Truly the best meat I ever had in my life after tasting this recipe!! But please give us specific idea about ingredients. How much required for how much Beef?

Big Jay said...

Chef John:

I also have not been able to find a single hanger steak. The meat purveyors here in Fresno CA tell me they can order a case? I don't have the space for a case. Can you give us a hint where you found it?

MeatPopsicle said...

My butcher never even heard of Butcher's or Hanger Steak. GRR! Any ideas?

Unknown said...

I can't find this anywhere. Even the meat market. They took in the fridge to show where it comes from on the hanging cow carcass.

Unknown said...

MMM! Steak and Chef John Home Fries! It's whats for dinner!

Unknown said...

Love Hanger Steak have tried to find in the past and was unsuccessful. I did happen by it at a larger Whole Foods this past weekend, for what thats worth. $12.99 lb.

Unknown said...

Found some Hanger Steak at the market, and couldn't let get away. Fabulous dinner for two from an inexpensive piece of beef. Thank you Chef John.

Whiteleather said...

Kind of pricey for a family dinner.

You say that this cut is less expensive than filet mignon and rib-eye. Maybe that was true way back in 16 Jun 2017, but not here on 22 Aug 2017, My local NY market has hanger steak on occasion....for $23/lb. Yikes! My firstborn son cost about that.

That is slightly more expensive than filet mignon from the same source.

They have rib-eye steak for $12/lb.

My usual tactic it to wait until the expensive cuts get the "Reduced for Quick Sale" sticker, then buy them all and freeze them. At $23/lb.....that cut will have to be 3 days past expired and grey in color before it comes down to the price of fresh rib eye.

James Maskell said...

I might be wrong but is this cut also known as Skirt?

Unknown said...

Chef John, Deliouse and easy recipe! The sauce that is made at the end with the balsamic and butter was so good with the steak, the acid from the balsamic cut the richness of the butter perfectly! Thank you Chef!!

Unknown said...

What is the temperature for medium well done

Unknown said...

Chef John,
My butcher also thinks that part of this is the flat iron steak. Is that correct?
I hope so, am trying it out today.
Also, Brad Piper seemed to think it called for 2 lbs of salt. I think the measurement of 2 pounds was for the steak itself, then salt and pepper to taste.

Unknown said...

My favorite cuts are:
1 - Hanger Steak
2 - Flat Iron
Unfortunately. I live in upstate NY and Wegman's has caught on. Each cut retails for about $20 - $25.00/lb.
So, they are both way to pricey for me, except for special occasions. UGH!