Friday, August 23, 2019

Chef John is On Vacation and More

That's right! I'm on vacation for the rest of the week, and the beginning of the next, which usually means a lot of rest and relaxation, but not this time. That's because Michele and I are going to be working harder than ever on a major, top secret personal project. No, not a cookbook, or a TV show, or anything else that you'd probably guess, but major nonetheless. We can't share the details just yet, but I can say it's going to be an exciting Fall! In the meantime, enjoy a few reruns, and I'll be back with a new video before you can say, "Kismet."


Unknown said...

Can’t wait, enjoy ur time. Thank you for being my inspiration to get back to my passion.

Chef Eric said...

As a person who has spent more time under fluorescent lights,
driving my crew like a possessed effigy of Chucky ( in kitchen whites),
and resigned to the fact that I’m always going to smell a little of salmon, fryolater grease,
and mesquite smoke,I feel like I qualify as a member of the club.
That being said, Chef..Your presentation, humility, humor, horse sense, and flat out repertoire, are
Non Pareil. I’ve never found a more useful blog, anywhere. You are the Joy of Cooking, for legions of Chefs out here. A culinary Swiss Army knife.
You remind me to breathe, remember why I made this my chosen profession to begin with, and show love, care, and pride another (12 hour)
Thank you, Chef John...Truly.

Barb said...

Happy Vacation, John & Michele!

Smith1599 said...

I smell SFBQ arriving shortly :)

Patrickalexanderthegreat said...

I'm guessing a new product launch

Chef Jerome McElroy said...


Estoy_Listo said...

Does a tandem bicycle figure in your plans?

Unknown said...

Well said Chef Eric.
Chef John is very special to many of us,
I'm guessing a new house, (Kismet)

Me said...

The major personal project that comes to mind where one would 'work harder than ever on' is.......Parenthood!! :)

Tracy said...

enjoy your vacation

Quiet Corner Daily Homes said...

This blog has made a chef out of me. I love Chef John. I grew up watching the cooking shows with my mother but Chef John is the JOY OF COOKING as someone has noted before me here.

Tom Stanley said...
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Tanner769 said...

Secret project called... "A Bun in the Oven" Exciting fall for sure! :)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

After all, you are the Carrie Nation of your well-deserved vacation.

RobGuthm said...

It's rather obvious what Chef's secret project is. I'm surprised he gave such a ridiculously easy hint, though. I expected a bigger challenge!

For those of you not in the know or as smart as I am, here's a hint.

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If you still don't know after this hint then I don't know what to tell you.

Chef Jon...athan said...

Could it be ya'll have a "bun in the oven"?!

cdcphoenix said...

Have a fantastic time away. I'm excited to hear how you spent your time.

Julia C. said...

Please say you're opening a B&B in wine country!

PJ.1o4 said...

You’re moving to NY! Oh! And ...kismet.

Unknown said...

Enjoy your life with the loves you love and cherish.

Unknown said...

You're getting both arms covered with silly cooking tattoos and opening a trendy restaurant naming it The Shaka Shaka.

Unknown said...

Hello chef John,
First I want to take the time to tell you how much I enjoy your videos! Sometimes I hear my husband laughing from the other room when hearing one of your jokes.
So, I have a food wish, and I cant find on your list. Lumpias !!! My mom used to make them and I can't do it justice. I'm sure you are a busy man - I wont keep you. I hope you enjoyed your working vacation.
Lumpias.... I mean Tina! LOL

ScienceSusan said...

OMG! They are family planning! Now they won’t have any time for us for twenty years. Longer if they have a basement.

Unknown said...

Enjoy your vacation Chef John and Michelle. No one is more deserving than you are! Is Kismet going to be the name of your new restaurant which will feature Sea Bass Michelle?

Smith1599 said...

,,,Make that SFQ

Koper said...

Remember to take the cayenne with...

TRUJohn said...

Hello Chef

I am a big fan of your recipes blog and youtube channel. In fact, I am very happy to build you a website for free so you can keep posting recipes free of charge. should you want that please send me an e-mail to

steelheader said...


jd said...

i dont see a bun in the oven. i see a move, which is sad because i love the fact that he is in sf! cant wait to find out!

Scarlett said...

Chef John, can I fly you two to Vancouver Island for a weekend to cook with my partner and I?!

James Valvis said...

I'm guessing Chef is opening a restaurant.

Unknown said...

My wife and I are glad to see your doing well. We were truly worried about you that We hadn’t seen a new recipe on YouTube in awhile. I’ll have to check the blog post more often.

LILD said...


Unknown said...

You have taught me so much! You are an amazing! Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching and culinary! My husband and I enjoy watch and learning from your videos. What a blessing you are.

heidi said...

Have a great vacation, and you have the nicest commenters on the internet(s). That's a rare treasure.

Sullivanspapa said...

hey Chef John,
you will be all rested when you come back, how about rustling up a recipe for Dubliner cream sauce!
my First food wish request.

Unknown said...

How can I get a hold of check John to ask his opinion on a couple of cooking techniques the I have been recently introduced to

countrygal1967 said...


Jones said...

Hey John, how about a NY style pizza recipe?

Buffalo Tim said...

Hey CJ,
Good, I hope you and the Mrs. have a wonderful time and accomplish all
you set out to do... have fun!
Buffalo -

Unknown said...

Dear Chef, I am also a fan of your blog and your YouTube channel. As a matter of a fact, I made watching your vids daily as my New Year Resolution. I have not missed a day. My husband is also a chef from NYC and I am a Kansas girl. You cook clean and fresh just like he does. He doesn’t let me in the kitchen too often. When he does, I make your recipes and they are always a huge hit for friends and family. More importantly, you have taught me proper techniques. That has developed into excellent conversations with my hubby that we would not normally would have had. I appreciate all the cheesy references and bad jokes you make. I actually chuckle from time to time. Of course, like everyone...the voice over is great and calming. It could only be better if you had Morgan Freeman do I appreciate that you keep a clean and professional kitchen space. Ultimately, I appreciate that you focus on the food and technique rather than how you look on camera. Can’t wait to see what you have planned.......much appreciation from Kansas.....Jacque

Enrico, With my two best friends said...

OK, I'm tuning in every day to see what the "top secret project" is.

Big Fan


James Valvis said...

So when is the big announcement?

Mia said...

Hi Chef John, Enjoy your vacation, however much of it will be relaxing. My dad is a huge fan of yours, we can always assume when you tube is on it is your videos. He loves them all and will tell us all about them afterward step by step. His birthday is soon and it would be so amazing to show him a birthday message from you!