Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Cherry Tomato & Cheese Galette – Perfect for First Time Growers

When people grow cherry tomatoes for the first time, they often make the mistake of planting more than one or two bushes, which a few short months later usually means a ridiculously large harvest, as in more cherry tomatoes than you can possibly use. Well, this cherry tomato and cheese galette might help, a little.

While “galette” sounds a little fancy, they’re actually one of the easier type of pies to make, and above and beyond the simple technique, they are incredibly adaptable to whatever is in season. Whether that’s sweet fruit, or savory vegetables, there are very few things you can’t galette.

Just be sure to bake them long enough, since the bottom needs to brown, as well as you want whatever filling you’re using to dry out a bit. Your oven time will vary depending on the exact size and shape of your galette, so once you take it out, peak underneath to make sure it’s browned. Basically, you should bake this as long as you possibly can, without it burning, so be brave.

This will also work with larger, sliced tomatoes, but just be careful you let them drain on some towels first. Other than that, there’s not much else to worry about, except what to do with those other 5 pints of cherry tomatoes. Even if you have to go to the store to buy yours, I think this is well worth the trip, and I really do hope you give this cherry tomato galette a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for one 12-inch pizza pan sized galette:
For the dough:
1 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons corn meal
1/2 teaspoon fine salt
1/2 cup unsalted butter, cubed, frozen
1 tablespoon cider vinegar
1/4 cup ice water
For the filling:
8 ounces soft goat cheese or other fresh cheese
1 egg yolk
1/2 teaspoon fine salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
pinch of cayenne
2 tablespoons sliced basil
For the rest:
3 cups cherry tomatoes, halved
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon Dijon
sea salt to sprinkle over the top once cooled, optional

- Bake at 425 F. for 30-35 minutes or until well browned. To be safe, place a foil-lined pan on rack under galette to catch any possible drips.


Unknown said...

lol, your so clever :)

MissLemonyGelato said...

I had a lot of cherry tomatoes and basil in the garden that I needed to use up so this was the perfect recipe for me. I only had 4 oz of goat cheese but I had some beautiful local Brie. I tucked the Brie into the tart and it was absolutely delicious along with the goat cheese and basil spread. This recipe is a keeper! I’ve posted a pic on my IG account it looked so gorgeous.

Chef De Belge said...

If you would make the 'pizza' before hand but not yet bake it. Can this be frozen ? if so, how would you recommand preparing it when frozen ? let it defrost and then bake or bake it some time longer ?

thanks for the responds

Divineseeker said...

Hi Chef john - i think you mentioned in your video you would leave instructions on what to do for those of us who dont have a good processor. Any tips?

Other than get a food processor.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this and for all your other postings/tutorials. You've certainly increased my knowledge of and improved my technique for preparing some amazing food. I'm hosting a birthday dinner party Monday evening and will certainly be serving this galette as an appetizer!

Jon Ander said...

14 teaspoons of black pepper might be a bit much :)

thecasinator said...

Hey Chef John!

Can you explain how to make the dough for those of us without food processors?

Mary Schutte said...

Just what I was looking for! Delicious. Thank you!

The Manse Hen said...

Hi Chef John,
Just found your blog as I am a huge fan of your all recipes collection. I just made the peach pie for the second year during peach season and it was as fantastic as always. I have a question related to that but couldn't find any place to write and ask (and obviously you may not respond to blog stuff, but worth a try)

I'd like to freeze some of the currently perfect peaches to make peach pie in the months to come (however long they do well frozen) and I'm sure they will lose something compared to fresh...but my question is, given the wonderful process you have in your Chef John's peach pie where you let them drain after putting the stuff on them and then collect juice to create syrup, do you know if that process would work with peaches after freezing? Have you done this recipe with frozen? I half wonder if I could do the recipe up to that point pre-freezing and then freeze the gooey goopy peaches with their juice drippings but before boiling? If you have any thoughts I'd be ever so grateful. My Dh and I live in SF and the peaches at Noriega Produce are just spot on RIGHT NOW!!! Lol.

Thanks for your amazing work!

Brandon said...

Hey Chef John! You said you’d outline how to do this without a food processor in the blog post, but I think you may have forgot?

Schöne Müllerin said...

Made it today and turned out great. Next time I will tweak it a bit- my cheese became a bit too runny after adding the yolk so I’ll look for something a more solid next time. There will, for sure, be a next time. Thanks for another great recipe, chef!

Unknown said...

Turned out beautifully, with excellent flavors. Used ricotta and mozzarella, with my garden tomatoes and basil. Will make this again.

Thank you for posting this.


not worth a brass farthing said...

This was absolutely fantastic. It was gone in minutes. I've learned a long time ago about cherry tomatoes but am happy to say that I have enough for a second galette.

I might not share that on though.

Louise said...

I can't wait to try this. You have helped me be a better cook for my family for over 10 years. I hope you have a kitchen garden in your back yard.

Eric Halpenny said...

I cannot wait to make this

Unknown said...

Chef John, I've watched almost all your videos and, words failing, all I can say is thank you. You are an amazing human, thank you for all you've done and keep up the awesome work.

I'd pay a couple hundred to have your food, cooked by you.

Mama Juju said...

Just made this--DELICIOUS! Sometimes the goat cheese can be a little strong for me, so I put in half of light cream cheese--perfect!. Will definitely make this again!

Unknown said...

Came out absolutely delicious. I used home grown jelly bean and chocolate cherry tomatoes with goat cheese and oh my, yum! Thanks for another keeper Chef. I will be making this again.

Lynne Cameron said...

Made this yesterday with home grown tomatoes. Loved the filling but found the pastry very dry. The crunch of the corn (polenta with me) was good. Maybe it was the UK flour and the fact I had a fan oven that was the problem.

Adrienne S said...

This dish was incredible! It really was easy to make and so impressive for my dinner guests. Now I need more ideas for other cheese and veggie combos to make in the next galette! Thank you for another winner, Chef John!

EarRe Feeling said...

I find that if one heats the pan in the oven to the 425 indicated temp, assembles the pizza (in this case galette) on parchment, then moves the item on parchment directly to the hot pan, bottom browning is nearly assured. Use a peel or thin cutting board to effect the transfer.

Spinni said...

I made this for dinner. It is soooo good. I will make it again before tomato season is over. My goat cheese became pretty runny when I mixed it with the other ingredients but it was no problem once it was backed.

I used my time tested quiche and tart crust recipe (250g flour, 125g butter, 6 tbsp water, 1 tsp salt) but added 2 tbsp of corn flour and substituted 2 tbsp water with white wine vinegar (cidre vinegar is just hard to come by where I live). I don't own a food processor and make my pie crust with a dough blender.

Stu-52 said...

This was so absolutely amazing that I had to make it 2 days in a row!

I had to lengthen the baking time to about 45 or 50 minutes in order to get the crust right.

Unknown said...

I just used store bought pie crust and I loved it. I also am trying it without mustard the second time, I wasn't a big fan.
Thanks Chef John! It is yummy and my plants blew up with 1 ton of tomatoes.

David said...

FYI, Parm and egg (for egg wash) are missing from the ingredient list.

Unknown said...

Wow, how nice. I made this twice this week. Thank you. I would like to see a galette made with a mild bleu and pears, maybe a drizzle of honey. I am going to try but am not sure if I need the yolk, how to incorporate it. My plan is to crumble or maybe grate the bleu. Will see. If this isn't too far fetched I would like to see your take on it. I might try grapes rather than pear, I am after all the pickled herring of my bleu cheese pairing.

clc said...

Man this came out delicious. The little touches put it over the top: the cornmeal, the magical pinch of cayenne, the mustard... results were fantastic. Thank you CJ. Your recipes have made me feel proud of my cooking for the first time in my life. I would bring this glorious pie to the snootiest potluck in town, if I weren't so unwilling to share it with others! You're a rock star!