Monday, May 25, 2009

Celebrating Memorial Day

Memorial Day is dedicated to remembering those who gave their lives serving our country, and among these heroic souls are countless cooks and chefs that made the ultimate sacrifice. So today as you enjoy all that delicious food and drink, pause for a few moments to salute the real iron chefs.

This video was produced by the Pentagon and gives an interesting glimpse inside the culinary branch of our military. This is just part one - for the rest of the series you can visit their official YouTube channel here.

Photo (c) Flickr user acidcookie


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing this video Chef John, and honoring those in military who are also involved in your craft. It was very interesting to watch.

Jason said...

Hey Chef... GREAT video... I am in the Army and I knew some of what the Army cooks and chefs do, but was totally blown away by this video... Thanks for the video and happy Memorial Day!!

Anonymous said...

Chef John,
As a Vietnam War Vet, times were somewhat different back then. Glad to see our soldiers finally getting some good chow. Thanks for sharing this video.

LlamasO said...

I am also a vietnam vet and cooked at that time. I fed about 150 chiefs and a few marines. The chiefs were always complaining but the marines were very polite and liked the food. The one would say, " let them chiefs eat out of a can for a few weeks then see how they like the food". The marines were the gentlemen!

Blood Red Roses said...

Thanks for the vid! My grandfather has stories of being a cook for a ship during WWII and a prison (no spice allowed!)