Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Food Blogger Code of Ethics

I know many of you publish your own blogs, and you’ve probably said to yourself many times, “I wish there were a short, concise set of blogging ethics I could refer to, so I would be like totally ethical when it comes to ethics and stuff.”

Well, you are in luck! I just created the Food Blogger Code of Ethics, inspired by the Food Blog Code of Ethics. As you’ll soon read, the Food Blog Code of Ethics is a recently published set of guidelines written by Brooke Burton and Leah Greenstein.

I decided to have a little fun, and reduced the “Code” down to its ethical essence, like a sort of Socratic demiglace. Enjoy!

Socrates Photo (c) bencrowe's Flickr photosteam


Dawn0fTime said...

Hilarious! Thank you!

Grams Pam said...

Succinct and it make me LOL (“for reals”) Chef!

However, at this moment, I’m not sure if it’s because it was that funny (you ARE funny) or if it’s because my Daughter; in an attempt to get revenge on my Son for making me the Tri-Tip dish for Mothers Day; was also busy plying me with a Chef John recipe this Sunday.

She choose "Making Margaritas for Fun and Profit" … using the 100% agave tequila she brought back from her last trip to Zihuatanejo (she also ordered pizza delivery)

Geez oh pizza … I love being a Mom of adult children who still have a little touch of that sibling rivalry going. hehehehhe! (hic)

ps: She also brought me a HUGE armload-size bouquet of lilacs!

milkshake said...

these rules deserve to be composed in hexameter and carved into a granite pillar

Anonymous said...

Snort. Your code of ethics applies to more than just food blogging... this is a code of ethics for life! I'll post it on my fridge.

Anonymous said...

May I just remind you that you just made up the information "eggplants will soak up 17.4 times its own weight in oil" in the Eggplant Parmesan video earlier this week?

Chef John said...

that is a good point. But that was a video, not a blog, so I'm okay.

Food Junkie said...

I'm having a little trouble getting this recipe to work. Does it have to end up looking like Socrates or will any old philosopher do?

Chef John said...

Try Yogi Berra

milkshake said...

The first rule of rule-making is 'No rule constrains the rule-maker'

(As a schoolboy I figured this one by myself and the World instantly became more comprehensible.)