Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Creamy Wild Mushroom Ragout – A Triple Threat of Fungi Flavor

This very easy mushroom ragout, not only looks and tastes great, but it one of those magical recipes that shines equally as bright whether you serve it with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We call these dishes, “triple threats,” and they’re important weapons in any cook’s arsenal.

Imagine this under a perfectly poached egg for breakfast – the golden yolk slowly running into the hot mushrooms and creamy sauce; all sitting on a thick slab of crispy toast. It’s almost too perfect to comprehend. I said “almost,” so try to comprehend it.

For lunch, I can’t think of a better meatless meal than this and a cold, crisp green salad. You could score bonus foodie points for using the same vinegar you used in the ragout, to make the dressing.

For dinner, the possibilities are endless. There are very few meat-based main courses this wouldn’t make a very handsome side dish for. Or, used as a sauce for those meats, or even just over a plate of pasta.

As I mentioned in the video, literally any combination of fresh mushrooms will work. If you can’t get fresh wild mushrooms, you can always use the trick of adding some dried porcini or morel to plain button mushrooms. These are now sold at virtually every large grocery store, and their funkier flavors will permeate the porous flesh of the regular ‘shrooms.

Anyway, I’m not in the habit of threatening my readers, let alone triple-threatening them, but I really hope you all give this outrageously delicious mushroom ragout a try soon. By the way, don't forget we showed you all how easy it is to make you own creme fraiche in this video. Enjoy!

1 1/4 lbs mixed mushrooms, sliced
1 tbsp olive oil
1 1/2 tbsp butter, divided
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup minced shallots
1 tbsp champagne vinegar, or other wine vinegar
2 tbsp cognac, brandy or sherry
1/2 cup chicken broth or as needed
1 tbsp fresh herb
toasted bread

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Claire @ Claire K Creations said...

I'm a bit of a mushroom addict at the moment so a mushroom recipe that suits breakfast, lunch or dinner is perfect. I can't wait to give it a go. I think it would be lovely just on its own on warm toasted ciabatta.

Carolyn™ said...

As another mushroom lover this looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

curious..what was your cost for the 1.5 pounds of the mushrooms used in the dish? The prices of these mushroom at Central Market or Whole Foods is very steep especially the more exotic..even the plain white button mushroom is $3.98 a pound..

love this dish!

Chef John said...

Not sure, the wife picked them up!

raquel erecipe said...

at first I thought it is a meat then I read your post wow it is a mushroom I love it. the video is great I like how they prepare this dish.

Cirdan said...

Could I use Balsamic Vinegar instead of white wine?

Anonymous said...

still curious...as this is a business for you, are all the food related items you purchase for the blog constitutive as a business expense and is written off at tax time? If so, SWEET!...Am sure the trips, related equipment, cookware is written off as business expenses. And..if you are not...you need too! If Warren Buffet can write off any related costs and avoid paying taxes, then Chef John should do likewise.

Keep up the superfragilisticexpialidocious work, my friend...

Cooking Ventures said...

"If you're poor, just use brandy." LOL!!!

Lilian said...

Can i do without the brandy/cognac/sherry or what can i substitute it with if its non alcohol?

Chef John said...

sure, leave it out!

Bobolink said...

Chef John,

Huge fan of your site, but not a very confident cook myself. I actually attempted this one and it was SUPER. I used a combo of king eryngi, oyster, and plain button mushrooms. Didn't have anything alcoholic to mix in so left that out, but it didn't seem to matter to me. I also used garlic instead of the shallot because that's what I had.

This is now in my repertoire of dishes that I'm going to keep making, and eventually make for company. Thank you from this shroom-loving fool!!

Chef John said...

Great! Dont forget, you can also use as a sauce and pasta topping!

William said...

I'm new to cooking and love your blog and videos.

I've made this twice now and the second time turned out SO delicious. I added some garlic to the shallots and mixed in some bitters with the vinegar and brandy. I also put a ton of parsley in and it tasted a million times better than my first attempt. I will be making this again for my parents coming into town this weekend!

Keep up the ol' tapa tapa.

Eliana said...

This is my new favorite recipe! You can put it over so many things!

Birder said...

I keep coming back to this one. So comforting!

What kind of bread do you think would be best here, and do you butter or put anything on the toast before you pile on the ragout?

Unknown said...

Chef John, firstly I love you! Even my husband's coworkers are aware of how much I fangirl @ foodwishes. I am considering making this for a side at a dinner party. Is it something that can be made earlier and kept warm, or better yet, made the day before and reheated? Thank you in advance.