Monday, August 15, 2011

What’s Cooking? That’s What!

Even though it will be business as usual here on the blog and Foodwishes’ YouTube channel, one advantage of the new partnership with Allrecipes will be working with my friend, Michael Ketchum, the host and brains behind

A few years ago, I thought it would be a cool idea to travel around the country for a few months, filming favorite recipes in some of our viewers’ homes. I didn’t have any travel funds for such a trip, so when my sponsorship pitch to Amtrak was politely declined, the idea was shelved. Well, that concept is basically what Michael’s “What’s Cooking?” is all about. 

In each webisode, an Allrecipes' home cook shares the tips, tricks, and stories behind their favorite dishes. Anyway, I wanted to introduce you to Michael and, and hope you’ll head over to take a look at their collection of video recipes. Here, Michael joins Kerri in Hutto, Texas, to capture her making a batch of tender pork spare ribs. You can subscribe to the Allrecipes' YouTube channel here.

By the way, I’ll have a brand new video recipe up tomorrow for shrimp and ham gravy (see photo below). Enjoy!

"What's Cooking? How to Make Pork Spare Ribs

Tomorrow on Food Wishes: Shrimp and Ham Gravy!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a partnership made in kitchen heaven. Congrats to all. Claire @

Chris K. said...

Saw your blurb in Time Magazine. Nice job!

That vegan death metal guy needs to get smothered with a pillow.

Chef John said...

Thanks, but that seems a little harsh. I know it's death metal, but I think you are taking that a little too literally.

Tré Taylor said...

The Secret is out! There is a lot of napping when it comes to good low and slow BBQing. I love yer videos John! keep up the great are and inspiration!!!
Tre` Taylor of, Pacifica, CA. XXX

Robin said...

Tres exciting! Can we hope for a bit of one-upmanship?! You can do better than riding a hippo!

Anonymous said...

The rib recipe looks awesome, but FYI y'all...The George Washington University in DC also has ...albeit secondary to the colonial guy... a hippo mascot!!! The river horse, was thought to bring good luck. Often George and Martha watched them play from their porch at Mount Vernon. At the corner of H and 21st you will see the beloved GWU hippo:
"Art for wisdom, Science for joy,
Politics for beauty, a Hippo for hope"