Saturday, September 3, 2011

Coming Soon: Peach Gelee Glee


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! looking forward to this.

Exce55ive said...

Soon is not soon enough!
Looking forward.

Anonymous said...

Be swift please! I'm a college student and i'm only home for labor day weekend. and my dad has 25 pounds of peaches. only he has no idea how to cook! We really want to see this recipe!!

Anonymous said...

I read the local to me (Bay Area) newsgroup, [If you don't know what Usenet newsgroups are, google the phrase. It's a portion of the internet that predates the web.]

There was a posting today by someone who went to a new butcher shop in Berkeley. Here's the portion that would interest you, Chef John:

"The new "The Local Butcher Shop" in the Gourmet Ghetto (Cedar near
Shattuck - next to Barney's, across from Andronico's) sells a variety of
interesting Local Items as well as the meat.

I stopped in to buy some "SFQ" barbeque sauce on the recommendation of Amy
"Cooking with Amy" Sherman."

cb said...

looks tasty chef!

Anonymous said...

Why is it called peach glee glee?

Anonymous said...

Whoops I ment Gelee Glee.