Saturday, January 21, 2012

Predicting a Super Bowl Prediction

I’ve received so many emails asking whether or not I’m doing my Super Bowl prediction this year, using Buffalo chicken wing bones. As you may know, we shocked the world last year with our absolutely spot-on prognostication that the Packers would win, cover the spread, and that the score would exceed the over/under line.

Well, great news! As soon as the teams are set, I’ll will toss the bones, and the rest will be up to you. And by “rest” I mean withdrawing your kid’s college funds and betting it all on the game. Stay tuned!

*For those of you that doubt the prodigious prognosticating power of these puny bones, I welcome you to feast your eyes on last year’s prophecy. Scoreboard!


Anonymous said...

I dont like chicken wings and i dont like football. can i use something else instead?

Mary F

APCromer said...

Can vegans watch football?

tastycajun said...

Chef John,

Have you heard of the Central Market in Texas? Next time you make a trip to Texas you have to check it out. I doubt there's anything like it anywhere else in the world.'s that awesome.

Anonymous said...

Well too bad for GB

Paul in NC said...

Chef John,
When can we expect your progostication for the coming Super Bowl?

gordoalfredo said...

hey Jhon! Check this dirty copy of your production:

I guess u can sue her! Hugs from Venezuela My friend!

Alicia A said...

On the Nose.........Giants !