Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebrating Memorial Day

Photo (c) Flickr user Vince Alongi
On this Memorial Day, as we honor those who gave their lives serving our country, let’s take an extra moment to remember all the countless military cooks and chefs that made the ultimate sacrifice feeding our troops in times of war. They say an army travels on its stomach, but more than simply providing calories, these brave souls are serving up a visceral connection to home.

We have a lot of servicemen and women that visit the blog from around the globe, and the emails I get from them are some of the most inspiring of all. Words can’t express how much we appreciate all your hard work keeping us safe. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America!


edvige said...

Yes God bless you and I hope but I think I have understand all the message.
All the best fm Italy

Anonymous said...

For at least 5 generations, our family has kept a counter-point commitment to the usual "yeah, day off, party-hardy, eat till you bust" type of Memorial Day.

We have always honored those who serve, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice, AND their families by NOT indulging ... everyone in our family uses today to actually remember and be in gratitude. We fast with liquids only (no alcohol) and pray.

Too bad more people don't actually give thanks and remember that freedom has never been free.

Dean said...

Well done, Chef.

Axel14222 said...

Well said, Chef!

Matthew said...

Dear Chef John,
In being Australian, we had ANZAC day about a month ago on the 25th of April - about as close as you are going to get to an equivalent day to the American Memorial day.

It is a day to remember those who stand up and say "Nope, enough is enough, you just don't that to people"

To tie this back to food, may I suggest you take a few moments to look at Anzac Biscuits. In both the recipe and history of the biscuit (Naturally found on Wiki quite easily)

Anonymous said...

sir, yes, sir!

Anonymous said...

god bless us