Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Onion Relish – I’ve Never Wanted a Hot Dog So Badly in My Life!

This quick and very dirty recipe for black onion relish was quite delicious on grilled salmon, but with every bite I became more and more agitated, thinking about how utterly perfect this would have been on a grilled hot dog.

If you’re one of these enlightened souls that enjoy grilled onions on their ballpark franks, you will love this sweet and smoky condiment. 

There’s something about how the onion roasts in its own charred skin, buried in the white-hot coals, which brings a goodness not achievable in a pan. Believe me when I say, my next hot hog WILL be wearing this relish.

As usual, I played it straight with the seasonings, but if I had a dollar for every way you could adapt this relish recipe, I’d have enough money to pay someone to think of a real ending for this post. Enjoy!

Ingredients for about 1 1/2 cups:
2 yellow onions
1 red pepper
chopped parsley, to taste
cayenne, salt and pepper to taste
*Dress with oil and vinegar to taste - I used about 3 tbsp olive oil and 3 tbsp vinegar
Taste and adjust!

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Chibby said...

Are you sure you're not from Chicago with that hot dog love?

Anonymous said...

It's this kind of humor that makes me miss my chef instructors. I needed those laughs today, Chef John. Thanks for coming through. :)

Ed the house chef said...

You're going to cost me a fortune in charcoal--LOL. I didn't want to be skeptical but the sight of the blackened onions as the teaser led me to think you'd lost it. I'm going to have to fire up the coals just to roast some onions now, thanks.


etamar said...

hi chef john,
looks great!
i have a similar recipe where i make a relish from fire roasted green mexicen chiles, garlic, lemon jouice and olive oil. its awsome...

Anonymous said...

Is there any other way to get the same flavor from a gas grill?

weeza said...

Can you use a gas grill to do this?

Chef John said...

Sorry, this is a charcoal only trick! ;)

inchrisin said...

Hey John,
That salmon actually looked pretty good :)

I'm always trying to find ways to pull double-duty on my charcoal. This looks like a great way to finish off the coals after a grill session. I also throw some chicken breast on the grill when I'm eating so I can make grilled chicken salad for the next few days. TO DIE FOR! Thanks for the recipe. This recipe will probably convert me, as I always hated relish.

P.S. That's some pretty fancy knife work, especially one-handed.

Daniel said...


You're gonna kill me :D Cause i had 3 hugh Austrian bratwurst in the fridge and absolutely had to do this relish, even though i live in the city and can't charcol... 8( So here is what i did....

roasted them in the oven about 20 minutes with upper heat (forget what it's called... broil?) and charred the skin nicely on both onions and my sad looking green bell-pepper. I had 3 Marash (turk peppers) which i used as well. THEN after i put them in the bowl to rest/steam i took my bunsen burner and got pyro on everything :D The char was very similar to your pictures and to what i've done on my brother's grill in the USA.

Did this up with white aceto and olive oil with a squeeze of lemon juice to lighten up. The flavor with the brats were GREAT! I diced in an inch long fresh cyanne pepper for zing... and that with the marash peppers, that have a really complex light heat (sadly not much flesh though) really made this pretty amazing! thank you John, yet again you sweetened my num-nums! will definately do this one again when i can get to a charcol grill!

Cheers from Austria,

Chris K. said...

Okay, so here I was thinking that Chef John found some weird heirloom "black onions" at the farmer's market, instead of blackened onions.

Still looks like a nice condiment though. I bet it would go well with some of that Cornell chicken...

Pantalone said...

"Hideous ... hairy palm ... chopping"! lol!

I'm def going to try this recipe. I have some seasoned plum wood I'll use to roast the onions and pepper!


Candace said...

This sounds delicious! I don't like normal pickle relish on my hot dogs, but ketchup and mustard get so boring, so this sounds like a much tastier alternative! Also your videos make me laugh. :)

Dan said...

Chef John,

I just made this, and it came out awesome! Only change was I smoked the veggies for around 2.5 hours over hickory. Came out delicious -- thanks!

Unknown said...

I skinned and cut everything up, threw it into the fry-pan, added s&p, cayenne and smokey paprika. Put the heat on lowest, place a lid on top and cooked until ingredients were real soft. Added the remainder of ingredients John suggested and it wasn't all that different from the bbq method. Saved a lot of time as well.
Keep up the excellent work John.