Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Besides reminding me of my father,
this also reminds me how primitive
my audio/video equipment used to be!
I like reposting this video on Father’s Day, since it’s the recipe that most reminds me of my father John. Growing up, I used to tag along with him on the golf course, and after the round he’d take me to the clubhouse for lunch. I always ordered the exact same thing – an open-face, New York steak sandwich, medium-rare. 

I just loved how the crispy toast would soak up all those wonderful juices, and eating a sandwich with fork and a knife always seemed so grown-up. Sitting there eating, while the men laughed and argued about their rounds is one of my earliest and fondest culinary memories. I’d even get a glass of Coke with a cherry in it to mimic my father’s Manhattan, so I too could participate in the post-game cocktails, which even at that age I could tell were an essential part of the ritual. 

Speaking of golf, we’re heading to Sacramento to celebrate Father’s Day with my father-in-law, Al. Not only is Big Al is a great golfer, but he’s an even better father, and I only wish he and my dad could have played a round of golf together. That would have been a lot of fun. Anyway, whether you’re golfing or gardening, eating steak or tofu, drinking Manhattans or iced tea, I hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day. Enjoy!


Ieqa said...

Happy Father's Day, Chef John!

Refah said...

There's gotta be about a million food-blogs on the internet, but what keeps me coming back to FoodWishes is the WARMTH. I especially enjoy the pre-video intros and this one is just exceptional..... I'm a fan.

Jay M. said...

Agreeing with Refah, here. Such a great story, Chef, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

aww.. made me tear up a little bit.. :') Happy Father's Day Chef John!!! All the best!!!

Anonymous said...

This always happens: Getting up on monday morning, thinking that it's time for a healthy start in the week after a rather unhealthy weekend. Heading to the office, packed with only a bunch of fruits for the whole day. And then a new video from chef John comes along and I curse myself for not preparing a nice sandwich or something nutritious earlier... I'm not getting smarter. Greetings from Switzerland (where we don't celebrate fathers day).

Anonymous said...

Great recipe video,chef John !
I want to ask, can I skip the balsamic vinegar?
Please reply :)

Chef John said...

You can skip anything you want! Just won't taste the same. :)