Monday, August 12, 2013

Grilled Salmon with Warm Bacon and Corn Relish – It's a Noun and a Verb

This grilled salmon with warm bacon and corn relish is another installment in our long-running series, “Salmon Recipes for People Tired of Salmon Recipes.” No one eats as much salmon as I do, and so I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make it seem a tad more exciting.

In the business, this is known as “elevating” it, and as you may already know, nothing elevates like bacon. It’s the helium of smoked meats. Combine that bacon with sweet, almost raw corn, and you have a relish worthy of its verb. I mean, if your not going to relish your relish, what's the point?

I mention in the video that I like the taste and texture of white corn, but prefer the sunnier appearance of yellow corn. That trade-off is always an interesting discussion, with some saying taste always trumps looks, while others will insist that the appearance effects how the flavor is perceived, so even if slightly less sweet, the golden colored one may be enjoyed more.

Like most food-related arguments, both sides are right and wrong, and I tend to oscillate between the two schools, although when in doubt, I’ll generally lean toward taste. Anyway, no matter which color corn you use, you’re sure to enjoy this new, and hopefully slightly more exciting way to serve salmon. Give it a try soon, and enjoy!

Ingredients for 2 Portions:
2 center-cut, boneless salmon filets (8-oz)
salt and pepper to taste
For the relish:
corn kernels from 2 ears of sweet corn, plus any juices
6 stripes bacon, sliced
1/4 cup green onions, white and light parts (reserve green for garnish)
1/4 cup diced red pepper
salt, pepper, cayenne to taste
2 tsp olive oil (optional depending on how much bacon fat you had)
1 or 2 tbsp rice vinegar (or other vinegar, or acid like lemon, lime, etc)
*I didn’t have any in the garden, but a little fresh tarragon is great in this too.

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VinnyF said...

If I'm only cooking for myself, I'd go for taste since I really don't care, but if I'm cooking for a group, I'd go for look.

Unknown said...

Chef John....I have a problem with skin on my fish. I know this is all in my head....but I get nauseous at the thought of eating it ( same with chicken thighs ). I cann just about eat anything but those cooking the same without the skin...can I even put it on a grill? or is the oven or stovetop grill my only cooking source? Inquiring minds want to


Chef John said...

Yes you can grill w/o the skin!

Unknown said...

"Window into the salmon's soul." You are a hoot. I love getting your posts. Your videos make me laugh out loud!

A solution to the "corn cob conundrum" is to use Peaches n' Cream corn - clearly the best corn around!! Problem solved, as you get both white and yellow kernels!

btw, munching on that fresh corn left on the cob after you've taken off the corn is one of life's little pleasures, don't you think?

nico said...

Hi Chef John

Why didn t you start grilling the salmon skin side down?
I thought it was better to keep the salmon moist.

Thanks for this great video !

Gloria - The Internet GADabout said...

Here in New England we have a variety of sweet corn called Butter & Sugar - a combination of yellow and white sweet corn on one cob. That's what I'll use. Thanks for the recipe.

Dustin said...

John you're the best. I disagree with you on the appearance part of the corn debate. I always go for taste. Probably because I don't know anything about food presentation. I never noticed your bad forking technique until you mentioned it though I did notice your food spreading technique when you're sauteing.

Unknown said...

Hi Chef,

I've been hoping we would see some more of your sous vide'ing videos :)


DannyWatt said...

Hi chef John, love your easy yet delicious down to earth food. I still remember the first thing I tried was your pastrami chicken wings, I'm hoping to try your million dollars chicken soon. Anyways.. in Singapore it isn't convenient to have a grill out. I'm thinking of pan frying the salmon instead with olive oil, or baking it in the oven instead. Any thoughts or pointers I should take note of? Would it be too oily which makes the dish hard to stomach if it's fried?

Rob Maeder said...

I made this last night for two friends and my husband - one of our last date nights before our firstborn arrives. It was delicious and oh-so-nutritious. We actually really enjoyed putting the hot salmon on top of a handful of spinach because the spinach ended up wilting just a tiny bit and mixed beautifully with the dish.

Thanks for a keeper recipe!

Chef John said...

Yes, you can pan fry! It will be good!

Chris K. said...

There is a sweet corn hybrid called "peaches & cream" that is both colorful (yellow & white) and incredibly delicious. If you come across it, I highly recommend you give it a try. It's my favorite.

Michele Cryan said...

I'm having the in-laws this weekend and thought I'd try this recipe out. They love salmon but they don't eat "real bacon" for misguided health reasons. So....I'm thinking (twice in one paragraph, gasp!) that I'd use real bacon and once it's cripsed up move to another pan and sautee with just olive oil leaving the bacon fat behind. So yes they don't real bacon but I think a small amount like this will be acceptable with all the healthy accompaniment. (sorry I'm lost without spell check, or as we Canadians say, Cheque!

Unknown said...

Chef John, the dish was fantastic. My question is what camcorder do you use for these high quality videos? Also what editing software? I'm trying to get started on my Auto tutorials. Thanks!

Chef John said...

No camcorder, just my Canon 3ti set for video. I use iMovie. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Michele Cryan
My husband and I don't eat much bacon. Read, hardly ever. I used one slice regular bacon with four slices turkey bacon. That gave enough bacon fat for fantastic flavor.

We made this while camping. FANTASTIC! This will be a regular part of our summer routine. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Michele Cryan
My husband and I don't eat much bacon. Read, hardly ever. I used one slice regular bacon with four slices turkey bacon. That gave enough bacon fat for fantastic flavor.

We made this while camping. FANTASTIC! This will be a regular part of our summer routine. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I did the corn relish (added cilantro) today for an event at work for a charity and served over Pan Seared Quail Breast ,Polenta Cake, Corn Relish with Chipolte BBQ, it was awesome and the relish was great.

Anonymous said...

Tried it yesterday and it didn't look as good as the taste. But that's on me. Your recipe is wonderful! Any other fish recipes like this?

Mom2pmslk said...

Can I substitute turkey bacon and recipe would be delicious?

Unknown said...

Hello chef Jon, I've been following and collecting your recipes and videos for home cooking use for some time now, adding my own little "tweaks" to it and it always works a treat! I'm using this recipe to go with salmon en croute and fondant potatoes! I live in Sacramento, but would love to meet and talk with you at some point.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills!
Most sincerely, Stan Morey of "Chez Morie"

Unknown said...

Hi Chef John, would like to thank you for sharing this recepi. my wife loved her birthday meal and perhaps she was suprised that her husband can pull this off (thx to your tips & guides). I cant wait to try out others!

Unknown said...

For the colour issue you could always use some diced yellow pepper along with the red pepper to brighten it up! Even a little orange pepper as well. I often mix up the colours of peppers when I cook just to make things look more interesting.