Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy National Vichyssoise Day Eve

Warning: this is not vichyssoise.
I enjoy making fun of arbitrarily designated food holidays as much as the next food blogger, and like many, I use them as a convenient excuse to repost seasonally appropriate recipes, not really caring how the day came about, but National Vichyssoise Day is different.

Seriously, someone needs to find out how it came to be that we’re celebrating a chilled potato and leek soup in the middle of November. I took a quick look, and while there are countless references to the day, as usual, no info on its genesis. As a B-list YouTube celebrity, I’m far too busy to do any further research, but if any of you food detectives crack the case, please let me know.

Shockingly, I’ve not done a vichyssoise video yet, so you’ll have to settle for this incredibly comforting ham and potato soup. While not as seasonally inappropriate as Vichyssoise, it’s delicious nonetheless, and one of our most popular soup recipes ever. Enjoy!


Gretchen said...

have had vichyssoise (yeah type that 3 times fast) thrice in my years and have yet to taste it better cold than warm.

Rob D said...

Hey Chef John
I have a leftover ham bone in the freezer with plenty of ham on it to make this soup. How would you incorporate that into this soup ? Would you simmer it in the soup for the 15 min or would you simmer it in water then cut ham off and use that for the two cups of water for recipe ?

Or just deforest it and add the ham because it's not gonna make a difference :-)

Chef John said...

Yes, I'd just cut off and toss in. Enjoy!