Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We just got back from a relaxing spring break with the family in beautiful Dunsmuir, California, and I wanted to say Happy Easter, and that I hope you had as nice a weekend as we did. 

We stayed in a fishing cabin right on the upper Sacramento river, and there's nothing as therapeutic as the sound of a rushing river beneath your bedroom window. I forget the name, but this is a waterfall we hiked to, which had a cave behind it, so you could actually stand under the water. It was a great escape. 

Anyway, time for me to catch up on email and comments, and for you to stay tuned for a new video! 


Unknown said...

Super Love the pics, when I think of Cali, it is not like that. Minnesota is so very culinary far away..
However, I love your posts and family with restaurants on the Oregon Coast so I feel sorta connected. Is that weird?

Anonymous said...

Sounds beautiful <3

Steve Kennedy said...

Happy Easter to you too chef John.

We went to my daughters home and had a pleasant meal of Part One and Part Two Turkey, added that Pomegranate Leg of Lamb. Cooked a huge pot of black eyed peas, a goodly amount of green beans cooked in water with beef bullion cubes till they are dark green and very tender. Also some cheesy potatoes. For desert my daughter made a lemon cake, and we filled those goofy egg shells with spice cake dough. All the food turned out wonderful, that turkey gravy from turkey part two video was awesome, AGAIN.

It was a pleasant day here in Georgia USA, I think the high was 72, the Sky still has that winter blue look without the midsummer haze.

After we ate, the adults sat outside on the deck and watched the kids have a water balloon fight. We all just had a really good time. Good food, good times. If your meal gets everyone full and relaxed without bickering between the kids. Score 1000. This was a 1000 day.

To top it all off, we all went home with enough tasty leftovers, that we wont have to cook till Wednesday:) As much as I like to cook good food, I enjoy eating it even more.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

This looks so wild, remote and beautiful....I'm so glad you had such a "great escape"!

muir71 said...

I used to always go to Dunsmuir, CA when I was little kid. We always hiked along the railroad tracks back to Mosbrae Falls (I last heard that they closed all that off because someone was dumb enough to get hit by a train). I remember that it was always hotter than heck, and the water was right next to freezing cold. Great memories there!!