Thursday, October 9, 2014

Next Up: Apple Chutney


Chibby said...

Hey! How about that :) I'm making cranberry-apple chutney on Saturday to give the flavors time to meld for Canadian Thanksgiving. I'm excited to see your version though.

Bob Waters said...

Dear Chef,

I hear your comments to go to the website to see comments, recipes, etc. When I do this, I just come back to the video recipes. What am I doing wrong to get to your comments and printable recipes?

Thank you. Love your site. Food Network is a forgotten memory.

Bob in Vermont

Chef John said...

Sorry, what I say is go back to get the ingredients, not comment. Btw, we don't have written recipes. (please watch Video 1000 for more information)

Monica said...

Really looking forwards to this as that Peach Chutney from you was the best.