Thursday, October 30, 2014

Next Up: Belly of Pork

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philogaia said...

Looking forward to your treatment of this amazing piece of meat. I finally did my first braised pork belly last week, purchased from 4505 Meats in San Francisco (I was visiting down there last week.) They had a piece I could not pass up. Skin on and ribs on. I was perhaps nuts for choosing such a luxurious piece for my first try. So my strategy was to just stay out its way.

I scored the skin, seared, then added lots of garlic and herbs, white wine, and stock. Braised for hours. Then I took out the meat and put it under the broiler to get a good crisp on that skin. I still need practice to get the skin just right but it was a magnificent piece of meat.

I heard this lovely butcher shop is known as Rainbow Grocery's meat section. ;)