Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy National Pancake Day!

Since there is no National Mancake Day (yet), I decided to use today’s National Pancake Day celebration as an excuse to repost this mucho macho variation. 

These bacon and cheddar corn pancakes were created as a Father’s Day brunch special, and have been very well received. I hope you give these “mancakes” a try soon, like tonight. Click here to see the original post. Enjoy!


Joshua M said...

Unga Unga bunga ork ork. Sorry, the Neanderthal came out. I think you could safely enjoy an oatmeal stout with this. I could. Seriously, watching this I was thinking that batter needs some jalapeno peppers then I saw you put some in the syrup. Good call. I can see using that batter as start to some wicked hush puppies too. Thanks Chef.

Mark said...

This is what I had in mind, Chef John.

Happy Pancake Tuesday from Ireland!


Ps. I propose that Chef John launches a petition to be presented to Congress calling for a Pancake Tuesday holiday in the US. C'mon, America is famous for being able to order pancakes in almost any eatery. It could almost be the national dish/treat!!

Gerry Graham said...

Your videos are always fun to watch and very informative. I've learned a lot from Food Wishes. Thanks for helping me to be a better cook.

Egle Badaraite said...

oh man you make me hungry :D

Greg Miranda said...

I've been here since the original Mancake post, return often, and I still feel I have not yet begun to plum the depths of this site. Thanks Chef John!

Mark Felty said...

I made these for Father's Day last year, and for a friend who was visiting. They were absolutely delicious, and I look forward to making them again. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!