Sunday, March 29, 2015

Next Up: Scotch Eggs


S/V Blondie-Dog said...

Greetings Chef. There for a moment I thought that you might perhaps be pranking your devout readers and cooking up something along the lines of "huevos de toro" or some-such. A quick google search proved otherwise. You remain in our good graces. :)

Kyle Young said...

My Foodwish #1, Chicken Marsala in 2007. Done.
My Foodwish #2, Scotch Eggs, 8 years later. Done.
John, I consider myself to be a damn good cook, and I've learned practically everything I know from you. Thank you.

Andy Negenman said...

Just made scotch eggs for the first time a few weeks ago. Looking to making them again with tge CJ recipe. Cant wait.

Roberto said...

Ummm........... sounds good.
Can I use Rum or Bourbon, or do I have to use Scotch?