Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Miso Honey Chicken – Because Honey Miso Chicken Didn’t Have the Same Ring to It

It’s not hard to make a great marinade with just a few ingredients, as long as one of those ingredients is the magical miso. This super savory paste, made from fermented rice, barley, and soybeans, isn’t that hard to find, but what can be a challenge is understanding the different varieties available.

Miso is sold by “color,” and I’m recommending the white one here, except when you open the container, it’s not white, it’s sort of a golden yellow. They also sell a yellow miso, which is a slightly darker golden yellow, as well as a red miso, which is also a golden yellow. I’m just kidding…it’s actually dark brown.

The point is, the colors don’t refer to the actual color, but rather the processing method, and ratio of ingredients. And that’s basically the extent of my expertise. I choose the white, since it’s the most mild, but I encourage you to do some more research, as well as some experimentation.

After marinating overnight if possible, you’ll definitely want to cook your chicken with indirect heat. Otherwise, it will get too dark – as in black. Roasting in a 375 F. oven would be great, but if you use a charcoal grill, be sure to push your coals all the way over to one side of your grill, and place your chicken on the opposite site. Keep and eye on it, and turn/rotate the pieces as needed.

You can add many other things to this marinade, but maybe try the minimalist version first. I used to tell my students that the older you get, the fewer ingredients you use, so that’s my excuse, but I really want the clean flavors of the miso and honey coming through. Either way, I really hope you find some miso paste, and give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for enough marinade for one whole chicken:
3 tablespoons white miso
2 tablespoons honey
1/4 cup rice vinegar
2 teaspoons hot sauce
1 tablespoon kosher salt (about 2 teaspoon fine salt)
lemon wedges and pepper flakes to garnish
- Let marinate overnight before roasting or grilling until the internal temp in the middle of the thigh is 165 F.


Jem Baslak said...

How long in the oven @ 375?
I don't have a grill. I saw the video and want to make this for a game day treat for some buds so more than likely a few birds will be made.

Paul said...

Can you use red miso? Is there a significant difference between red and white miso? Thanks for great recipes. I'm a long time follower.

Cambiz Mura said...

Yesterday, the must-try Food Wishes recipe was the pickled jalapenos. Today, it was the Sopa de Ajo -- btw, the jalapenos made a nice garnishment for that. Hmmm, but what will the next recipe be? Ohh, Miso Honey Chicken.

Love your recipes, Chef John. Keep them coming for a long time.

La_chilena said...

This looks amazing and gives me another way to use my miso paste! Thank you!

Scott Watson said...

My wife and i have been poor, and weve been well off. through it all we ate some really interesting food. We have had to get food from the food pantry before. Not knowing what to do with donated food (you never know what youre going to get) we turned to chef john who either had a way to fix what we got, or a method that we could apply to something we got. Well off or down on our luck, when we go to plan our weekly family meals, first stop is foodwishes.com for recipe and meal ideas. Thanks john, sincerely, The Watson Family.

Scott Watson said...

And by the way, this miso honey chicken was AWESOME! One of the families new favorites....The Watson's

dana said...

Jem, get a meat thermometer. Oven calibration and size of chicken make 'time' vary.

Jayel Wolf said...

I cooked mine in the oven at 375 for thirty minutes. I had a fair amount of juices left and made a pan sauce by just cooking it down.
Needless to say the SO and rest of the family loved it.

Justine Becker said...

Me love you long time for this recipe!

Girl Scout Troop 3316 said...

Chef - why do you cover your plate setter with foil? Is it because you don't like burnt drips on it, or something else?

We have two eggs, and used the plate setters as-is (no foil).

Love your recipes and enjoy your humor! Thank you!

GailS said...

OK...you are now even more my hero. WE LOVE our "grill like that" and are so glad you have showed that you have one. We do the turkey each year on it. This looks AMAZING and we are trying it tomorrow. One thing about your indirect issue with that grill.. we put one of the legs towards the center back and it seems to for some reason be a better heat pattern. I checked the blogs for that grill and people have posted that as well. Thanks again for this post!

Radio said...

How Full Metal Jacket of you.

Radio said...

How Full Metal Jacket of you.

Ziad Abdo said...

Chef John, been a longtime lurker and fan. It would be amazing if you did a tutorial kind of video on using the ceramic grill. I recently bought one and find it awesome but I've never been a very good griller and the egg type grills seem to need a different type of touch to them. Thanks for all of your wonderful lessons.

Marshall said...

@Jem Baslak #1 I think it totally depends on the size of your chicken pieces. I just made this recipe and it was fantastic, but I had gigantic Kroger skin-on chicken breasts, which are typically ginormous mutant chickens, so I had to actually keep it in the oven (at 325F) for 45 minutes before I hit an internet temperature of even 150! Thank god I had them marinating for 24 hours in the sauce. The insides had still not even been touched by the marinade, so I sort of wish I had sliced them in half along the planar section to reduce their thickness and decrease the cook time.

Regardless of my problems, this was still undescribably delicious. I will totally be refining it based on my chicken-size experience! I don't have an outdoor grill so I had to use oven, but I think my issues will be experienced everywhere.

Andrea Anderson said...

@Paul red miso is generally a lot saltier than white miso paste. So i would not interchange them unless you like food with a high salt content.

Aaron Plas said...

Just made this. Imari aged it for 24 hours and it was amazing. The best chicken I’ve ever had. Thank you Chef all of your recipes I’ve tried have been amazing!