Monday, January 19, 2009

No-Knead Ciabatta - Bread You Can Believe In

Okay, enough with the inaugural tie-ins. Here's the promised ciabatta video recipe. It came out beyond delicious. It was other-worldly, sublime, ethereal, and several other adjectives I would have to look up before using.

It was the perfect marriage of a crisp, light crust outside, and a chewy, yet tender inside. The no-knead part is just a bonus, and only adds to the perfection of this loaf.
As you'll hear in the video, I'm a bit under the weather, but even at half-speed this was a simple and enjoyable task.

All I will say is you really need to make this bread. Pretty soon we'll be thinking of romantic, sexy recipes to seduce our Valentines with. Keep this video in mind, for what could be better than having someone bake you a fresh loaf of Italian bread, then slowly buttering and feeding you a still warm slice?

Sorry, I think I took too much cough medicine. Enjoy!

4 cups bread flour (I used 3 1/2 cup white and 1/2 cup wheat)
*Note: you can use All-purpose flour if you want
1/4 tsp yeast
2 cups water
1 1/2 tsp salt


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Kathy Berken said...

I made this twice and just baked it on a baking sheet and it turned out just like yours. Tonight I baked it in two loaf pans, which i had greased and cornmealed, and the bread turned out way different. It was denser and only the top was crusty.
Sometimes I want a higher loaf but now i don't know what kind of pan to bake it in so i get the same crustiness as baking it on a sheet.
Thanks for your GREAT videos! Very informative and entertaining.

Donnat said...

I just came across your blog searching for a ciabatta bread recipe and I'm impressed.
I want to try it next days.
I have a question: the amount of yeast is 1/4 teaspoon?
Thank you,

liget2004 said...

This is a super super late comment, but I was rewatching your video and about the end of the bread thing... it sounded french so i typed "conne d'autres" into google translate. I don't think I'm at liberty to say the translation but you can check it out if you like. It probably isn't right, but it is pretty darn funny. By the way, I can't wait to make this tomorrow and hopefully it'll turn out great!

ChrisK said...

Hi! My first try to make your bread was a failure... Maybe i was wrong with measuring, i tried to use Baker's % instead of cups! Here are in gr what i' ve used:
-bread flour 100%
-water 92% (???)
-salt 1.2%
-dry yeast 0.25% (???)
I also noticed that letting stand at 22 oC for 18 hours was too long. My bread after all that didn't rise.
What are the bakers % of the recipe? this could be more helpful for us that we use grams instead of cups!
thanks in advance!

demon said...

Hi chef. See? That's the beauty of Internet, after 3 whole years, here you are in MY kitchen! So, I've tried out your recipe, which looks gr-eat! Haven't baked the darn thing yet, since I am at phase 2: let the dough rest for 2 hours. But, my question is this: I've followed your recipe step by step, but after the 18 hours, MY dough is significally more liquid than yours. I've tried to correct it by adding afterwards more flour, but I don't know if I simply made a great mess out of it. What do you think? Must I maybe reduce the amount of water next time? thx chef. Phoebe from Greece here.

Chef John said...

Or just a little more flour at the beginning! :) Thanks!

ChrisK said...

Hi, again! my second attemp with this bread was not a failure but i didn't get "your" rise as seen in the video... :-(
I measured with cups (1 cup of flour = 135-140gr, 1 cup of water = 260gr) and i think that the dough was more wet than yours! Bakers % for water is extremely high and does not let the gluten to develop. Please if you don't mind weight the cups and give us the used gr in order to give it one last try!!! thanks!

Ana Fonseca said...

What type of yeast do you recommend ?

pcelvejoy said...

Absolutely fabulous recipe - Thank You!
Just a couple of questions: -
1. Have you ever slashed the top to give it even more of a rise?
2. Have you ever put the dough in the fridge to rise?

Sandy Wong said...

hi chef,
this is my first time making bread and i'm just 2 hours away from the 18 hours wait (so excited!!!). i wonder if i could use a plastic wrap instead of the towel for the 2nd rise? it seems like you used a dry towel? please correct me if i'm wrong.
thank you!

Chef John said...

yes you can use plastic, but don't press it or let it stick. flour well

Ana Fonseca said...

What type of yeast do you recommend ? Active dry , rapid dry or instant yeast?

Ana Fonseca said...

What type of yeast do you recommend , rapid dry, active dry or instant yeast? I asked before but no answer :(

Chef John said...

I use dry active.

Ana Fonseca said...

Thank you , how much ?

Chef John said...

Ingredient amounts listed below video! 1/4 tsp.

pcelvejoy said...

Chef John
Can I use a fan oven so that I can bake two loaves at the same time? The oven gets hotter that way.

Chef John said...

Yes, but not sure of times.

bjatduke said...

cantuccio del pane translates to "corner of the bread"
buon appetito!

Bob Frazier said...

Chef John,

I've waited till now that I've made this three times before properly thanking you, in part to see if it really is possible to consistently make such great bread.

Yes, it is.

You changed the way my family functions by helping make me the best baker in the house. Success with bread has lead me to have courage with other recipes.

We all really enjoy your series.

Baker Bob

Crampa said...

Love your recipe/method. I have been making 1 loaf about every week. Something I thought you might find interesting...I put a whole heads worth of garlic cloves(whole) in the dough prior to rolling it out into the loaf. I tell ya, there ain't nothing better than a piece of that toasted and slathered with butter for breakfast!...'cept maybe a bowl of fresh muskmelon to eat with it.

Nas said...

Easy, effortless and the end product looks as if you have toiled in the kitchen. I make this bread twice a week. Thank you.

Julia said...

Hi Chef John,

I'm not exactly sure about blog etiquette, so I just thought I'd ask you if it's alright to mention your recipe with a link to this page on my blog. I'm new to bread making and I'm trying out different recipes and I loved this ciabatta recipe!

TCDA, Inc said...

Hello Chef John,

This looks lovely! But can you please tell me the weight of the flour? We use metric "cups" and they are not the same as US cups. I am used to baking by weight, not by volume.


Billy Boy said...

My family calls the ends of the loaf "the heel"... Others in my neighborhood call it "the bum"... Go figger....

Enniati Rusli said...

Hi Chef John, my dough didn't rise after the first proofing. Left it out for about 18 hours. Halved the recipe. I checked the yeast and it's not expired according to the package. What do you think happened? I used bread flour only and I'm in singapore where it's always warm. Thanks chef!

Shailly Sharma said...

Hi Chef John.
My dough looks much wetter than what yours looked like in the video. Is that okay or should I add more flour?
Also, I live in Japan and the humidity is about 80-90% so should I let it proof for less than 18 hours?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Chef John said...

yes, add more flour! Don't worry about time. it just needs to double! enjoy!

Dorila Magalhaes said...

Hello, Chef John! I was reading some of the comments before trying tomake my own and, at a certain point, you wrote about baking the ciabatta with a steam oven:

"Chef John said...
i would try it. I always have a pan of water in the oven.
January 20, 2009 at 7:47 PM"

Should I also have a pan of water too when baking my ciabatta?

Thank you!

שני צור said...

Hi Chef
Thank you So much for the Recipe . I tried to make it at home and it looks great .
But I have a little problem , I live in a place where the humidity is high and within a few hours my lovely bread lost its crunch
What can I do to keep the krast over time?
Thank you
and Have a great weekend

Chef John said...

Sorry but no bread crust stays crispy after it sits for a while!

Wartface said...

Chef John...

IF... You don't have 18 hours to make ciabatta bread here is a very easy alternative. It takes me about 5 to 6 hours start to finish. You let your stand mixer do all of the work. I've made this recipe at least 20 times. I also make lots of sourdough bread but that takes much longer than this ciabatta bread.

ciabatta bread recipe & pictures

Ciabatta Bread 
Variaton 1

500g bread flour 
475g (~2 cups) water
2 tsp. yeast 
15g salt

Varation 2 (Semolina)

350g bread flour 
150g semolina flour 
475-485g (~2cups) water 
2tsp. yeast 
15g salt


On another note... Your Mongolian Pork Chop recipe is to die for. I, my friends and my family love it. I also use that recipe for chicken thighs.

John Sowder said...

If I use this recipe to make small rolls, how long to you suggest I bake them?

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