Friday, January 16, 2009

Back in San Fran, and it's Ketchup Time!

Okay, so you know I'm busy when I resort to headlines as crappy as this one! By the way, that's suppose to be a ketchup swan. We had a fun week despite the cold snap, and our plane made it back to the City without any geese-related issues.

I've only answered a small portion of the built up email, and have plenty of writing to catch up on for, as well as this blog of course. If I've ignored any of your emails or comments (this includes friends and relatives), I will get to you eventually, so thanks for your patience.

Not sure exactly when the next new video recipe will be posted, but it should be soon! Until then, stay warm, and no matter what you are doing, enjoy!

Photo (c) Flickr user schoschie


Jairus said...

welcome back!

Susannah said...

thank God you're back. Don't go anywhere else.

Minichef said...

sweet chef, i am you 2nd youngest foodwish fan, i love you, you are the best, plzz i will love too much if you comment my new blog. pleasee.

Minichef said...

and my foodwish is "the perfect burger"

i know what im not discribin to much,
but do yout magic chef :D

Anonymous said...

Could you do a video on homemade ketchup if there is such a thing? and if that's too simple maybe homemade ketchup and mustard? thanks your'e the best.
PS I hope to see you on top chef masters someday.