Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sloppy Giuseppe - The Silent Movie Version

I just found some footage shot after the Pork and Beans and Greens video recipe, which shows how I used some of the leftover spice-rubbed pork shoulder to make a delicious Italian version of the venerable Sloppy Joe. Of course, I had to call it a Sloppy Giuseppe.

I'm still in New York and since I didn't bring proper recording equipment, I'll do the narration for this when I get back. I hate how the mic on the laptop sounds, so in the meantime I decided to post a silent movie version complete with classic silent movie soundtrack. Enjoy!

no-knead dough made into rolls
cooked spice-rubbed pork shoulder, chopped
hot pepper flakes, to taste
salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste
tomato sauce as needed
splash of water

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Anonymous said...

Look good and great music!

Elaine said...

and as always, I'll enjoy...(be still my beating heart)

Anonymous said...

Very great videos..
thanks for share..

Unknown said...

I love anything and everything you make!! Cant wait to hear the recipe though :)

KimScheidler said...

Made this...just like my Grandma use to make! Thanks!