Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kernel Porker's Barbecued Pork-Stuffed Corn Muffins

One of the comments I received on YouTube, for the beef slider video recipe said, "When I saw you put the meat into the muffins cups, I was hoping you were making some kind of meat muffins." My first thought was, "Have another bong hit." My second thought was, "Actually, I could go for a nice meat muffin." So, down to my secret lab I went.

A few hours and several adult beverages later, I was starring at a plate of barbecue pork stuffed corn muffins. This new American class
ic - part Chinese pork bun, part corndog - looked good, tasted great, and felt oh-so-right in my hand.

Not only did the warm muffin feel good, but also I was eating cornbread with barbecue pork and my fingers were absolutely spotless! Hundreds of years from now, I believe this will be considered the true genius of the recipe.

By the way, I can’t take credit for the brilliant "Kernel Porker" name. I posted this recipe on and asked for some name suggestions from the other guides. The working title, "Memphis Meat Muffins" was a bit too disturbing, and sounded more like a Southern punk rock band.

My friend Barbara Rolek, About's Eastern European Food Guide, submitted this title. If you are ever looking for recipes from that part of the world, check out her great site. Also, if you can't find Jiffy, here is a cornbread recipe video. Enjoy!

1 cup chopped barbecued pork
1 box (8.5-ounce) Jiffy corn muffin mix
1 egg
1/3 cup milk
1/2 cup shredded pepper Jack, or cheddar cheese
non-stick vegetable oil spray
8 paper baking cups

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! This recipe has few ingredients and can be made up quickly. I wonder if you can substitute chili for the barbecued pork. Have to try it with both. Not to complain but you sure took long enough to share this with us.

Anonymous said...

I only wish I could find Jiffy Muffin Mix in stores where I am!
Is there anything you could recommend that would be an adequate substitute?

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched the video on this yet, because I'm too busy cleaning up the floor from peeing my pants laughing after reading your story of the meat muffins.

Dean E. Mehling, MA said...

These look soooo good! And it'll be awesome to make up a couple batches for a camping trip.

Anonymous said...

Great recipe idea. I have a new muffin pan made of silicon, which will work great with this.

Several of your latest recipes are sure making it easy on lots of us! With these, who needs to spend so much time in the kitchen preparing for guests for Super Bowl Sunday? Bravo, Chef John!

Grams Pam said...

FANTASTIC! These are so going to be my contribution to the Superbowl party!

Chef John said...

ask around! every grocery store sells Jiffy! or at least some kind of cornbread mix. if not check the link for my cornbread recipe.

Unknown said...


DeLynn said...

:: drool ::

Anonymous said...

I wanna substitute chinese roasted pork..."part chinese pork bun, part corndog" lol.

Anonymous said...

Another bong hit? Have you been hanging at the local high school?

I'm going to try these with some of that chili you posted. Thanks!

blogagog said...

Sorry this is off-topic, but I can't figure out how to contact you about your videos.

I'm watching your 'how to prepare perfect sushi rice' video. You say to 'rinse the rice for a few minutes...'. Do you actually mean that we should rinse rice under running water for 180 seconds or more? Or did you just mean 'a few seconds'?

I make a sorry version of sushi, so I'll believe you if you say to rinse it that long. But that's a lot of water, and I'd hate to waste it if I'm just misunderstanding what needs to be done.


Chef John said...

yes, until the water runs clear, usually takes a minute or two.

milkshake said...

The name is too hard to pronounce - lets call them "John's porker" and sell them $2 a piece.

Since the times are hard, you can put up a billboard on your restaurant: "Muffins of the World, unite - You have nothing to lose but your blueberries!"

Paul Deyoung said...

I will be giggling about your working title all day! I can't wait to try the recipe tonight! Thanks! I never dreamed of a meal featuring BBQ pork which wouldn't be the prelude to dry cleaning of drapes...

katherine said...

I find the current name of this recipe distinctly preferable to "Memphis Meat Muffins." I can't wait to sample these luscious, little cups of pork goodness.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I've inquired around various stores, and I just don't think Jiffy is available here in Canada (or at least my part of it).

Would you know of, or could you direct me to, any recipe that would create a Jiffy Mix substitute?

I'd be every so greatful!

Thanks again.

Chef John said...

ask and u shall receive...Jiffy

This was from a comment on the Tamale Pie video:

___________ This recipe is equal to one 8.5 ounce box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.


Makes 8.5 ounces (equal to 1-box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix)
Makes 1-1/2 cups of mix
Makes 6 corn muffins

2/3 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup yellow corn meal
3 Tbsp granulated sugar
1 Tbsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 Tbsp vegetable oil

Combine flour, corn meal, sugar, baking powder and salt. Mix well with whisk. Whisk in vegetable oil and mix until dry mixture is smooth and lumps are gone.

Use the above mixed ingredients in recipes calling for a box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so, so, so much!! I can finally make bird bread for my parrot now! All the good recipes online call for this stuff.

We both thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I was just trying to think of what a good vegetarian (I know,bad word for lots of folks) alternative would be for this recipe?
Any ideas?

Chef John said...

that's easy, it's called a corn muffin! Sorry but I cant give a sub for bbq pork. mushrooms? soy chicken? tofurkey? no, i can't do it.

An Ng. said...

I just made these. Didn't have any BBQ pork, so I used sloppy Joe for the filling. It was delish.

Charlemange said...

I bought a sizeable pork butt on Friday, so I will be using for a few different recipes including char sui. I bought a bag of Bob's Mill corn bread mix to make this.

To the person who wants a veggie version, try using the the veggie ribs from Gardenburger. They taste great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Charlemange! Always nice to have an alternative. Here's to stopping the hate against people who eat meat but also like veggie options. :)

Anonymous said...

"My first thought was, "Have another bong hit."

HAHA, you're hilarious! And a great chef, too. What an interestingly delicious concoction you've made, sir! Definitely reminds me of the Vietnamese banh bao my grandma buys.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. McChef; you've done it again. I mixed BBQ ssuce with chicken (what I had on hand) and the kids just loved it! What a blessing for a nutritious & delicious quick snack or main course. Thanks again Chef John:)

Briana said...

I made these last night. A friend linked me to your site when I mentioned I was making pulled pork. So I used the left overs. boyfriend and I will make these often, we experimented with other leftovers that we had in the fridge (fried chicken, taco meat, meatless crumbles, and italian sausage). We topped them with different things, (cheddar cheese, mozzerella for the italian sausage, seasame seeds for the meatless, nothing for the chicken, and pepper for the taco). They all turned out amazingly well, and they are an excellent and tasty way to clean out the fridge. We've determined they'd be good as desserts with nutella or jam. And excellent for parties with all sorts of different fillings. Thank you so much for the recipe, and for inspiring us!!

Unknown said...

Wow...Love your videos! I am soooo happy that I came across them! This was so awesome because it is so Easy even for a bad cook like me and it turned out sooooo Good :D Thank you Thank you thank you!!! Can't wait to try making your other videos :)

Kyle said...

Chef John, just one more excellent use for my all-time favorite Jiffy Corn Muffins. You sir, are a genius.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this one, reminds me of a recipe I tried before called corn muffins recipe.