Friday, April 27, 2007

We’re off to Sonoma! See you on Tuesday.

My wife and I are off to Sonoma for a few days (see previous Dry Creek Valley post for details), so you won’t see any new posts until Tuesday. We hope you have a great weekend, and make sure at least one of your meals is cooked at home! Because we’ll be so busy and, and all the good restaurants are fully booked well in advance in the area, we will be having several meals at a local roadside dinner (that shall remain nameless, although as a hint for folks that have traveled these same roads, they use bright pink sugar on the tables!)

By the way, a warning to all you crazed fans, groupies, and paparazzi that are desperate to get a look at the elusive Chef John; I will be traveling with a large security entourage (several have worked Mall security), and will also be in full disguise. So forget about it.

Speaking of roadside eateries, today’s clip is dedicated to those of you that think my food too rich and high-cal. I know I’m not shy with the butter, cream, etc., but wait until you see this Texan culinary masterpiece. Somewhere Homer Simpson is smiling.

Mmmmmmmm….Chicken Fried Bacon


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm….Chicken Fried Bacon... lol

Have a nice trip and thanks for the video.

Wristbands said...

I'm from Houston and been through Snook hundreds of time. I've never stopped at the Steak House, but I will now.

Haha. Amazing video.

Tyler Hinkle said...

Kind of reminds me of when my Salvadorian friend took me to try Pupusas for the first time in LA.

Along side we had fried pork called (and feel free to correct me if my research here is wrong) chicharrones. It also came with a deliciously sweet fried yucca. It was all pretty amazing stuff and highly recommended trying, but I wouldn't feel right having it all the time.

Anonymous said...

I do like cream in my food and butter but this is...(in swedish)...fy fan va äckligt. ...way to much for a meal. Hellen

Jack Parker said...

Only in Texas. No, seriously, ONLY in Texas would you find meals like this! I literally gasped and my hand flew to my mouth! Not because of the chicken fried bacon, shoot, I'd try that in a heartbeat! But I couldn't believe those sides of beef on those plates! I couldn't eat that in a week, much less in a single sitting!

Yet, there's something oddly comforting about this video. I love that we're still free to eat whatever the hell we want to. We're all responsible for our own choices and when you look at all the regulations in restaurants today, you can easily see that government and politically correct fads are encroaching on our freedoms in every area! Isn't New York battling a "no salt" ruling (or something to that effect)?

People need to know: The secret to life is BUTTER!