Friday, August 15, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive

I'm putting the finishing touches on a shrimp recipe that will air later today, but I wanted to post a quick note regarding the overwhelming response to Jim's letter. At the time of this posting there have been over 40 responses - all of which were detailed, thoughtful, heartfelt, and sincere. I will be giving my take on this young chef's crisis of confidence soon, but I'll say now how impressed I am, and how proud I am, at the level of passion and knowledge the readers of this blog have shown. Well done!


Anonymous said...

Well, your posting the letter with the young chef's dilemna sparked our interest, it was very thought provoking, my Sue and I enjoyed a long conversation about it. Well Done Chef!!!!

Anonymous said...

His confidence can only come with experience. "Build your repertoire and it will come."

John T. Rhoe