Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update on an Upbeat Jim

Jim just posted this comment under the "Calling All Foodies" post, but I wanted to make sure all you wise foodwishers got to see it. Thanks again for participating, it was a great exchange on the various philosophies of cooking.

"Hello Everyone! Thank you for your amazing and insightful comments. You (and Chef John) have helped transform my thinking about cooking and food. What a difference my new attitude is already making in the kitchen. I am now back in touch with why I went to culinary school to begin with. Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts! :) - Jim"

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes, Jim, and good luck with your career in the culinary world. Keep us posted here, so we can follow your progress, and, if I'm in your area, I will drop by where you're working for a taste of your success.