Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello from New Orleans! Home of America's Safest Seafood?

Just wanted to say a quick hello from New Orleans. So far everything's been really delicious (like this wonderful gumbo and etouffee trio I enjoyed at M Bistro), and the chefs I've chatted with report no problems keeping up with their customer's Gulf seafood cravings.

Catches are being tracked using GPS to ensure they're coming from unaffected areas, and in addition, random samples are being taken twice a day to add another level of protection. As M Bistro's Chef Matt Murphy said, "We want people to know it's never been safer to eat seafood in New Orleans, than it is right now."

So, ironically, due to the post-spill scrutiny, visitors to New Orleans may actually be enjoying some of the safest seafood in the country. Stay tuned for more information about the trip when I return. Now, it's time to go do some more "investigating."


sequimteeth said...

Great that you are getting good local NOLA info on the situation. I have enjoyed your posts (lurking mode) on You Tube and will follow your blog since I have now found it! Peach tartlette today in my kitchen.

Scott - Boston said...

Your sched probably won't allow it this trip, but if you ever find yourself in New Orleans again (uptown), go to Jacques-Imo's. I had the greatest meal of my life there. The owner's a sweetheart, and any place that you have to walk through the kitchen to be seated immediately gets a gold star.

Scott - Boston