Friday, August 20, 2010

How to Make Parma Crisps (in Anticipation of Future Scrumptiousness)

I had originally planned to post the beans and greens recipe seen herein with a simple suggestion to serve it with some delicious, Parmesan crostini. They're such a basic garnish that I take for granted you all know how to whip up a quick batch, when in fact some of you may have never attempted something like this before.

So, I decided to do a quick little how-to for making what I call, Parma Crisps. These are a bit different in concept than your average tossed salad crouton. For those we probably spike the bread with tons of garlic, herbs, spices, and pepper, before making it all crispy and sufficiently decadent, to where it will distract us from even the most mundane of salads.

Here we have to remember these are simply to accessorize another dish of food – something rich, comforting, and with big, bold flavors. In that case I want something crispy, crunchy, with a nice nuttiness from the caramelized cheese, but that's about all. Any more than that, in this humble chef's opinion, would be superfluous.

Stay tuned for the beans and greens video recipe coming on Monday. Since you'll want to serve that with these, you may even think about practicing a few times over the weekend, you know, just to be safe. Enjoy!

sliced baguette
olive oil (no need to use extra virgin)
freshly, finely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

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Becky said...

First of all - YUM, so going to do that. And glad you used the yummy toasted cheese from the pan!

I have another question! WHEN (not if), you get on the FoodNetwork, will you change the filming style? I have really appreciated the focus on the food and the techniques. I can't get that so well from other shows where the point seems to be the cook.
The closeups to what is happening with the food has helped me learn many things I'd been trying to puzzle out for years and I would hate to have that go when you move to a different audience.

Chef John said...

thanks! that's the only kind of show I would do!

Unknown said...

Being an amateur cook and just having stumbled onto your video recipes, this is like a gold mine!!! Please keep up the fantastic work and careful attention to detail. I'm already hungry for more! *stomach grumbles*

Rita said...

another question about Food Network - when's the verdict? also, when you do get on the show, hope you'll have time to work on this blog. because, i don't think we get FN here in germany.

Chef John said...

we find out tomorrow! the prize is only an interview with FN.

Anonymous said...

We stumbled on your show on the Hungry Nation Network and are so glad we did. We are making you greens and beans tonight and the parmesan toasts to go with it. We look forward to watching your video on Hungry Nation every week!

Julie said...

Thank you so much, Chef John! Made these last night as a bedtime snack. Added a little garlic infused olive oil along with the regular, and they were wonderful. Crispy, salty, addictive. Side note: I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to cut the baguette 1/4" thick.