Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Food Woolf in New Orleans

I've been thinking about using my iPhone to do more quick movies for days in between the recipe videos. You may have seen my recent, How to Eat a Hamburger demo, which is the only type of thing I thought I should be using the ├╝berphone for. 

That was until I saw my friend Brooke's short film teasing a post she's doing on a recent press trip to New Orleans. When I finished watching it, two thoughts immediately percolated up. 

The first was why the hell wasn’t I invited on this trip? Hey, Louisiana Seafood Board, expect a call from my people Monday morning. Supplying us with delicious, sustainable fish doesn't get you off the hook (see what I did there? I think I've made my point).

Then I thought, instead of making one-note, me-eating-something-somewhere iPhone videos, why don't I actually try telling a story? So, thanks Brooke, for making me look at something in a different way. Every time I do, good things happen. 

Speaking of good things, after you watch the video, be sure to head over to her thoughtful and extremely well written blog, Food Woolf, to read the full post. Enjoy!


ClutchCook said...

Great video! Will you also be using a vintage UniVex handcrank 8mm as well?

Jackson said...

Very cool Chef John. I would be very interested in some of these "storytelling" type videos. Also, as a former resident of New Orleans loved this NOLA themed video - great stuff.

davewinps said...

Very cool, Chef.

My dad, a fisherman, had a spring wound 8mm Univex, and he, too, tried to tell stories. One, in particular I remember. His mom was disembarking a rowboat, only to have the rowboat move away from the dock - grandma ended up in the drink. I couldn't believe it -- she went down and he just kept rolling film.

Jimmy said...

Afternoon! I would like to see some storytelling videos, too. Always loved them. Good job on your last piece!

International call

Anonymous said...

great video- great foodcity

-any chance on a video of classic new orleans bucket of crawfish recipe

Brooke said...

Wow. When you said you were going to link to me I had no idea you were going to give me a super big SHOUT OUT! Thank you my dear friend. Thank you for turning a few new people onto my site. xoxoxo

Chef John said...

My pleasure! I hope gets lots of new readers.

Nolabelle said...

Thanks so much for posting something that reminds me why I live in New Orleans! That was so well done. Now I'm hungry ;-)