Sunday, June 26, 2011

Metaphorically Speaking

Wow, it's been three days since my last post, and six days since my last video, and that my friends, is a new Food Wishes record. That's how insane the schedule's been working on the show down here in Los Angeles.

Not only haven't I had much time to film, but I also haven't had any time to visit with my SoCal food blogger buddies, which means I haven't been going to any fabulous restaurants. However, I did have a very nice Korean lunch on Friday, at a place next to our office called, Genwa, where I filmed this 100% cotton-based excuse for a lame metaphor. 

Right about now, I feel exactly like those tightly wound wads of gauze, desperate to be soaked with lots of clean, warm time. I'll be back in San Francisco Tuesday, and I can't wait to get wet! Stay tuned!


Darren said...

Don't forget us little people when you're a Hollywood star Chef John :P

BTW, there are sooo many awesome places to try out in LA (especially Korea Town)... I HIGHLY recommend OB Bear for drinks and probably the best Korean chicken wings I've ever had... dare I saw better than your chicken wings Chef John! :$ (Of course I made those wings, they weren't touched by your hands :P)

Anonymous said...

Hello Chef John,

I discovered your blog just a few months ago and simply wish to say it's incredible. I've now tried at least 8 of your recipes and they have all been absolutely delicious and looked exactly as advertised (that's not always true of recipes online).
I also wanted to say I am a very lazy person and rarely post thanks online, but in your case, I had to work past my indolence and let you know my appreciation.
Glad to hear that life is granting you the success that you so obviously deserve.

- D

Stephanie Stiavetti said...

Don't forget to breathe, dear! We all miss you back here in Bay Area Hippy Land. :)

Anonymous said...

Laugh. Out. Loud.
San Fernando Valley, here you come!

Julie L said...

Glad you like Korean food~!! We got lots of great dishes :)

Deborah Twomlby said...

Dear Chef John,
One of many sleepless nights…no job can do that for you…I started watching Food Nation podcasts, (or what ever they call it)…and found you. Then I found the website, started reading all the blogs and comments and then all the Utube clips. I am not caught up, but working on it all the time. I’m still trying to make the potato box. My stitches come out Thursday.

I long ago tired of the “canned” cooking shows on the Food Network, and started finding real cooks and foodies on the internet. I really love your style; humble and witty approach to cooking. Any one could learn to cook very good food if they didn’t know how or learn a ton, even if you think you do.

I especially enjoy the “real” quality of the videos. Who has farm fresh eggs in an antique wire basket sitting on the counter near the sunny window, next to 19 kinds of fresh cut herbs from the 20 acre garden? I only know one person, and it ain’t me. So your eggs looked just like everyone else’s eggs…but now I know how to deal with it, make a beautiful presentation and earned some street cred with a few of my foodie friends.

When you get to be a big star, remember us little peeps out here, really loving and enjoying your commitment and simply elegant approach to making food much more than just slapping a meal on the table, but cooking something to really enjoy. Thank you!

Big Chef John fan from Salem, MA.
Deborah Twombly

Jeane - tienda de ciclismo said...

Hello, I tried cooking some of your recipes and I have to admit that I have done very good, thank you and congratulations for your blog.

Anonymous said...


Paul D said...

Chef John is what my Nanna use to call a "good egg". This temporary vacation is hurting him much more than it is hurting us. We'll see you soon Chef! Be well - We'll be here - albeit checking back probably twice a day until we get our fix.

Andy said...

Loved your video, Chef John. I've eaten in Korean restaurants before but I've never seen a napkin like that. It made me laugh.

Venta agapornis said...

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anton | dj rajobos said...
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