Friday, February 9, 2007

Crusty Herb Potato Wedges

Simple and delicious. The key is tossing the spices with the potatoes and oil in a bowl and then on to the pan. The silicon mat we are baking on is a very nice thing to have in your kitchen.

These are baked for 15 min at 425 degree F. and then turned over and cooked for another 15 min., or until nice and crusty.

2 Russet Potatoes
1 Tbl Dried Herb Blend, Like Herb De Provance
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper


cooker said...

3 reasons why I want to comment on this one -
1) No one has left a comment as yet & its been 2 years now:-)

2) Want to see if u reply to comments on posts this old :-)

3) I need to clarify some doubts -

a) Do we not need to marinate the wedges for a while ?
b)When I tried baked wedges (not from ur recipe) , the potatoes released a whole lot of water while baking...which greatly aided in messing the flavor & texture. I didnt see ur potatoes release any water ?
c) Some people parboil the wedges before baking...would u know why ?

cooker said...

Well Chef ? R u trying to figure out the answers or are u just building up the suspense ?

Chef John said...

sorry, Im really busy!!

no marinade needed.

I've never had potatoes get watery, unless they are heavily salted and left to sit.

Parboiling can make for a nice crisp wedge, but it's another step and not one i do.

cooker said...

Thanks chef ...Will try with ur recipe this time :-)

Ian. UK said...

I have just come acroos ur site and one word - AWESOME! made these wedges using rosemary rather thana mixture and well impressed with the result. Seeing the process in a video makes it so simple to follow. have already bookmarked a bunch of recipes for future use. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Chef John,

If you were to cut these thinner, which would you adjust first: the temperature? or the cooking time? or maybe Both?

I'm just not a big fan of the middle of a thick or even moderate sized wedge.

I'm talking round and as thin as you cut em' for your Potato Pesto Feta Pizza!



Nepenthe said...

I plan on making these tonight, along with your recipe for NY strip steaks. I've been stalking all of your videos since I found them 2 weeks ago and I'm happy to say my whole family raves about my (your) cooking. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

if i am going to fry it instead of baking it will the taste be different? is there any other way to cook this other than baking?

Anonymous said...

can i use frozen ready made french fries that u can buy from supermarkets instead of fresh potato?

Chef John said...

no, why would you ever buy those instead of cutting up a few fresh potatoes??

Unknown said...

My whole family loves these potatoes and every other chef John recipe we have tried. Thank you for breaking the cycle of boring, same 'ol dinners!!