Friday, February 9, 2007

Portuguese Kale and Sausage Soup

This is a wonderful and easy soup that will really hit the spot on a chilly fall night. You can use any spicy sausage in this, but the Portuguese Linguisa is traditional. Here I used a Spanish Chorizo, which was very nice.

As I mention in the clip, be careful not to add too much potato. This is mainly a Kale soup flavored with the spicy sausage. The potato is only there to slightly thicken, and give the soup its silky texture.

I stole this recipe from an after-hours diner in San Francisco called Grubstake. It is traditionally enjoyed at 3AM, while gazing at a wild assortment late night characters. Hey, is that a dude? By the way, its hangover preventing goodness is legendary!


Vilamoura Villa said...

Chef John!!!!
How dare you! Why is the "Spanish Cuisine" on a Portuguese dish?

That is most inappropriate.

Regards from one of your many (Portuguese) fans.


Ailey said...

Ok so I tried this tonite with the real Portugese Linguisa. And before today I have never, to my knowledge eaten kale. I'll admit I was worried about the kale, worried that the bitterness would never cook out. But Chef were sooooo right!! This soup is fabuloso!! My daughter even ate hers! So yay yay Chef John!! Thanks for another great recipe!!

From Ailey(alias Helen)

Anonymous said...

What a great recipe, I make this all the time in the winter. Thank you so much for posting all of these great reipes.

Marco Maraja said...

Hi Chef John!!
Please change the spanish to portuguese please, its indeed inappropriate.
Thanks for all the things im learning from you! you are number 1!
Another of your Portuguese fans

Marco Fernandes

Unknown said...

Hi John!

I love your site and your videos.
But I would like to let you know This soup is not made with kale. They use Collard Greens.
The soup is also called Caldo Verde. Which roughly translates to green broth.

I hope to see more Portuguese recipes from you.

BoulderCreek Steve said...

This soup ACTUALLY requires a variety of kale, called "Couve Tranchuda". I grow it specifically for this dish, my wife is making it right now. Collard greens and kale are merely substitutes.

BoulderCreek Steve said...

Neither kale, nor collard greens is used to make authentic Caldo Verde. These are substitutes for the real vegetable which is difficult to source in the US.

The correct vegetable is Couve Tronchuda a relative to both kale and collard greens. I grow it specifically for this dish. My wife is actually preparing it as I type this.