Friday, February 9, 2007

Secret Underwater Pomegranate Trick

This is a short, but hopefully useful demo for how to remove all those pomegranate kernels without a big mess. These are great on fall/winter salads, soups, and desserts.


Blood Red Roses said...

I like to each just the kernals. They are very juicy!

Alex said...

Dear John, I hope you will read this because I was born in a country where these fruits grow. You should never cut a pomegranate into half! First you cut off just the upper and lower part of the pomegranate so it will not roll away on a table. Don't cut to deep so the arials will not be damaged. Around the cuts you take away the yellow stuff till you sea the red part. After that you cut around the whole fruit starting from the top going down and 5 mm deep. Then you can just open the fruit when you pull from both sides. Then you take a look at the structure! You can devide the 2 hals into more pieces. Remove the skin parts so you will have pieces surrounded by red arils. That's it! Anyways, the trick with the water is amazing. I will definitely try this. Kindest regards, Alex

Rain said...

Great tip! Thanks for posting it. I've struggled for years and years to get those dang little seeds out. No more! Yay!