Friday, July 13, 2007

Good Morning America!

How my big break on ABC’s morning show turned into tips for applying mascara!

I received an email from ABC’s Good Morning America asking permission to use my Tandoori Chicken clip for a feature they were doing on YouTube’s “How to” channel on Thursday. Wow, I was so excited! This was going to be my big break. I called the contact person at ABC and told her they had permission to use whatever they wanted. She said she had seen the site and really liked it and thanked me for my cooperation.

Well, I was driving my mom to an appointment, so I wasn’t able to see it live, but I had friends and relatives taping it for me. This was going to be great!! I rushed home to watch the segment, which was also posted on the GMA website. Needless to say I wasn’t exactly the star of the show. First, George Stephanopoulos introduced the segment as “Beauty Secrets on YouTube.” Hmmm, that’s not a good start. Then, Deborah Roberts, who did the feature, went on to show all these great beauty tip channels on YT. Hey, where’s Foodwishes??

Finally, near the end of the segment, George asked her about other helpful info available on the site. She said that there were also cooking tips, among other things…OK, here we go!! This must be where they’re going to talk about my recipes, and channel, and amazing food blog. Ahhh, not exactly. They basically showed a 2 second, long distance shot of the page on YT where my Tandoori Chicken was the featured recipe. And just like that it was over. Oh well, at least I saw a great tip on thickening my eye lashes.

If you want to watch the clip, here is the link. I shall be contacting them soon asking (begging) for a feature on the “Chefs of YouTube.” All kidding aside, I appreciate them showing my recipe, if only for a few seconds, and hopefully they will listen to my pitch for an in-depth foodie feature. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious post as usual! Those ABC people really missed the boat. I would rather has seen a feature on Chefs for sure. You should unleash the power of your viewers on them! We minons shall await your orders to mobilize.

Chef John said...

Oh no, I'm not a cult I? Now, that's a feature I don't want covered on GMA! But thanks. Although commanding minons does sound kinda fun ;-)

Sheliza said...

Wow! That is funny but look at it like this, Most people would never even get that kind of call. Another great thing to add to the old resume~

Anonymous said...

How sad... GMA missed their chance to post one of the few chefs out there that still go through step by step. Making sure that their students get it. :) Oh that sucks, but now you get to tell people that you were on GMA ;). I would have really liked to see that. By, the way how was the trip to NY, did the garbage plate taste good?

Catherine said...

Oh that is so wrong! Maybe you could contact eye on the bay and see if they can do something special :)

Chef John said...

Yes, at least it gives me an excuse to call some media outlets and see if they want to run with this story. Thanks. Or you could call and demand some coverage as a loyal fan! ; )

a.k.a. Mr. Jeff said...

Chef John,

I've been watching your videos for a long time now, and recently started going through them all so I could at least say I've seen them each once. I ran across this piece and had to comment.

I had a similar experience with GMA during the 2008 presidential election. I'm a grad student in Dayton, OH, and Robin Roberts was coming to town to (supposedly) interview undecided voters about their politics and the issues important to them. Instead, 150 people sat in a diner while Roberts gave headlines and asked the diner owner who she wanted to vote for. Misleading, man.

Thanks for the great videos, and hopefully some of your recent work in New York will lead to that big break.

Anonymous said...

Chef John,
I am just starting to use your recipes and I am not much of a chef. I want to make the Stuffed Roast Pork Tenderloin but 2 questions. I don't have a steel pan and I couldn't find currants. Will it turn out if I use a different kind of pan and if I use dried Cranberries instead?
Thank you!

Chef John said...

cranberries will work, but you need an oven proof pan to roast and make the sauce.