Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Seven Eleven Sixty Three - Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today I turned 44. I want to thank all of you for your kind words and birthday wishes. I made it safely to my mothers after a lovely red-eye flight that included 2 weather delays and one 3 hour lay-over. It only took 12 hours, and I savored every cramped minute. Flying these days really is a joy. I can't sleep on long, late night flights. Not because I don't want to, but because for some reason I’m always seated next to the one person on the entire plane that’s going to keep the reading light on, and finish that book they bought at the airport bookstore right before they got on the plane. I almost said, “Excuse me, it’s my birthday, would you mind turning off the light?” but since we were headed for JFK in NYC I didn’t want to take the chance that I was speaking to a native New Yorker who would have said something like, “#!%!# you and you’re birthday!”

Anyway, my mom took me out for a quick birthday lunch and now I’m going to bed. Pictured here is the giant 12 ounce cheeseburger that came on a crispy pile of fries. You’ve probably noticed by the clips lately that I’ve been cooking and eating a lot healthier. So this was quite a shock to my system; a delicious, juicy, cheesy shock. But, it was my birthday after all, and not to mention this was one of the lighter items on the menu! Stay tuned


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Finally I'm the first commenter! I have NEVER been a first commenter! :) Mwahahahaha, anyway have a good nap and day. That's sad you had to sit next to that type of person. :( Didn't you get to sit next to your wife? Hopefully that "Garbage Plate" tastes good, and you don't have any problems. *crossing fingers*
Again, Happy ??th Birthday!!! I thought you'd be older *shrugs*?

Unknown said...

(in tune- of course)
Food (Birthday) Wishes
Happy Birthday to you,
Squashed potatoes and stew;
Bread and Butter, use your putter.
Happy Birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

You'll know you're old when you can't take a pee!
Life's just getting started at Age Fourty-four,
And for you Chef John, there is much to adore.
My wish, Happy Birthday, sent across the web,
Keep sending your clips so we know you're not dead.

Chef John said...

Thanks, and I will use my putter.
I just wish I had more time to practice,
so I was a little butter.

Anonymous said...

nice buns!

Stephanie said...

Oh great, I haven't had a burger in like a year and there you go posting a burger that actually looks good. =P

Happy Birthday =)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday John :D glad that you had a blast (of fun and cholesterol) :D

darlene said...


Mummygirl said...

Happy Birthday, YOU!!!
*throws confetti*

Nessa said...

Happy birthday Chef John. Many happy returns. So where the cake??

Chef John said...

Thanks to all!! As John Belushi once said, "no cake, cheeseburger."

Nachos Rule Forever said...

you said you flew into JFK. Does that mean that delicious looking burger is somewhere in new york?! I live in New York and I would like to destroy that burger.....with my mouth/stomach.

Chef John said...

Sorry, it was from the Yankee Clipper in Clifton Springs in Western NY.

Pacwoman said...

i couldn't help noticing that that burger crossed strange similarities to a cross skull and bones (minus the bones). If you look carefully the beef patty are the eyes and that oozy drippy cheese sort of forms the nose...
anywhoo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (for 2 years ago)