Tuesday, July 3, 2007

“Hot Smoked” Salmon – Fresh Fish, Old Coals, and a Squeeze of Lemon

This video recipe was actually thrown together after some testing I did filming in outdoor light, and also some more tests using the new digital camera. I had just grilled some chicken and vegetables, and wanted to try to “hot smoke” a couple of salmon filets with the left-over and quickly fading coals. I had already soaked some wood chips that I never ended up using for the chicken, so I was ready to go. I figured I would bring the camera outside and experiment while I smoked the salmon. Well, when I was done, the clips turned out better than I expected, so I edited it together. While not my best work, it still turned out pretty good.

One thing I didn’t film was how to fold up an aluminum foil “pan” hold the filets, but I’m sure you can manage that once you watch the clip. Just be sure to use 5 or 6 layers so it’s nice and sturdy. The rest of the clip is pretty easy to follow, and really is a nice trick to use those dying coals for one more gourmet application.

The term “hot-smoking” refers to a higher heat method, using wood chips to smoke and cook fresh fish in a relatively short time. “Cold-smoked” salmon (the softer, buttery textured kind you get at the deli) is cured first and then smoked at much lower temperatures. It is almost impossible to do at home since the low and even temperature is extremely hard to control. Of course, we solved this problem with the now famous “Smoked Salmon “Gravlox” video recipe clip I did a few months ago. If you want to create a “cold-smoked” style cured salmon check out that clip. It works great! But this time it’s all about the hot-smoked method. Enjoy!

2 six-ounce salmon filets
salt and pepper to taste
fresh lemon
wood chips soaked for at least 1 hour
heavy duty foil


Anonymous said...

Great idea. You know how the kids want to be fed early, and hot dogs and hamburgers are favorites for the short crowd? Well, after the kids are eating, bring out the salmon and make a second meal for the parents! Now everyone's happy! The kids are playing, while and mom and dad are having their gourmet meal of smoked salmon! Thanks for the great demo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Man your grill...seems soo small and short. It looks like you had to bend over a little. Hey and did you get a new theme song? "What's your food wish?" is pretty catchy. All in all it looks great. :)

Chef John said...

Thanks. You may have noticed but I've been using different music for each clip lately. My mac came with some free clips I've been exploring.

Anonymous said...

Really!!? Wow... now that's a sorta great deal.

Unknown said...

man, this makes me wish i have a grill or something.

Hannah said...

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