Wednesday, July 25, 2007

San Francisco, Here I Come

I'll be leaving New York for San Francisco this evening, but won’t be getting in until early Thursday AM. So I probably will not be posting again until Friday at the earliest. But, I do have some very cool stuff to share. Yes, I did have a Garbage Plate! I felt just like Michael Moore, going behind the scenes with my hand held camera to capture this legendary dish. How was it? You’ll have to stay tuned for that exciting video exposé.

You’ll also get to see Uncle Bill’s braised chicken recipe I already teased, as well as a video recipe my Aunt Joyce did of my all-time favorite summertime vegetable recipe that’s made with…(are you sitting down?) dogs! It’s pronounced “Cha-bought,” but I don’t know the actual spelling since it’s another example of a family name that is an Americanized mispronunciation of an actual Italian term. I believe it comes from some Italian slang or term for the word “mixture.” If any of my Italian viewers can help with this culinary mystery after seeing that clip, please do contact me, or leave a comment.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and emails about my Mom. She is recuperating slowly, but surely, and appreciated all the kind thoughts. Also, thanks for your patience with my inability to post as regularly as usual. As I said, I should be back to regular production in a few days. Ironically, site traffic has been increasing steadily while I’ve been here in NY, and I want to welcome all the new visitors to this blog. As they say, “You aint seen nothing yet.”

Today’s clip is dedicated to anyone that’s never been to San Francisco. It’s a montage of some of the City’s most beautiful scenes set to Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” I try to never take for granted that I’m lucky enough to live in America’s most beautiful city. If you ever get a chance to visit, I’m sure you will agree. But, be very careful, you may not go back. I came to San Francisco for a 3 month visit, 24 years ago!

This clip was a promotional video made by the Union Bank of San Francisco, and features a surreal interpretive dance by some hula dancers. Why are Hula dancers interpreting a Tony Bennett song about the City to promote a bank? I have no idea, except to say, “That’s San Francisco for you.” Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Tony B's almost as sexy as you! I mean George Clooney, err, I mean you. Oh, all three of you are sexy!

Chef John said...

You got 2 out of 3 right. ; )

Jairus said...

i've never been to san fran although i feel like i have because for some reason whenever i've gone to kareoke with my friends. which is hardly ever, its always a couple strolling around san fran.

Jim said...

Hi John, I'm Italian also & had some Italian friends that made something called Chum-bot. Don't know the spelling either but it was fried onions, fried hot Hungarian & sweet green peppers and tomato sauce. Then we would add some fried hot Italian sausage. Very good & I'm looking forward to seeing what yours was like. Jim Peterfeso

That name was Americanized also. Original name was Pietrafesa

Anonymous said...

I think the term you're referring to is properly a "giambotta." My Italian mother would drop the last "a" which would sound pretty similar to your "Cha-bought." And since a giambotta translates to "everything/a mess," and your recipe calls for veggies and hot dogs... well, I think we have a winner!

Can't wait to try it,
Scott - Boston

Chef John said...

Thanks to scott and jim! I will be editting that clip next week and we shall continue the debate. Great info!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the clip of San Francisco, we are heading there in two weeks so that family members can visit.

Any places to eat that you would recommend?

Chef John said...

wow, that's a tough one only because there are like a thousand places I like. To be honest, since I've been doing the web stuff, we have not been going out much.
I would check which has reviews and lists and you can read up on the latest hot spots.

A few I like and would look at:
Nopa (great food)
Slanted Door (vietnamese)
Chow (noisy, cheap and busy)
2223 Market