Saturday, December 27, 2008

Appetizing Appetizers Appropriate for New Years Eve Entertaining

Here are some old (some are very old) video recipes with ideas for tasty tidbits for your New Years Eve festivities. Click on the link and off you go. Enjoy!

Calabrese Lollipops – Antipasto on a stick!

Three Cheeses in Three Minutes

Chicken Caesar Springrolls – The Ultimate Low-Carb Wrap

Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Orange and Cumin Scented Goat Cheese

Clifton Springs Chicken Wings - Oven-Fried with Sticky Ginger Garlic Glaze

Bekri Meze – A Small Plate of Greek Food for Drunks:

Prosciutto Wrapped Prawns – Sorry Pancetta, We’ve Met Someone Else

Savory Chocolate Crustini with Maldon Sea Salt Crystals


Anonymous said...

Cool a clip show! Thanks for the reminders.


Charlemange said...

I had the Bekri Meze for dinner tonight. Just used bell peppers. It was great!

Anonymous said...

Chef John: Regarding your recipe for Turkey Appetizers with cranberry and orange sauce. I realized too late that the chopped turkey mentioned in the recipe meant fresh turkey meat from the meat department. When I read chopped turkey I wanted to make it right away, so I chopped up my leftover cooked turkey. Well of course it did not turn out well. I thought in the future you could make something such as that a little more clear. Thanks. Barb

Chef John said...

Sorry, but I have no idea where you got "chopped turkey" from in that recipe. I would never call for chopped turkey, as that would be very confusing. If you look back at the recipe you'll see I call for "ground turkey" which is always raw, and wouldn't need to be specified as raw. Plus you can clearly see in the video that the product is not cooked chopped turkey.

Unknown said...


A couple of years ago, I made your Bekri Meze recipe several times, and they were amazing.

Now, I live in a different country where obtaining pork shoulder is impossible. Most meat departments carry different kind of pork cuts since pork eaters are the minority. What would be the beef equivalent of pork shoulder?

I did attempt the recipe last night with chuck-like lean meat (beef), and I smelled & tasted the same aroma, but the resulting meat was tougher than the succulent pork that I had back in the States. How should I adjust the timing?