Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DVD Update!

From the looks of the poll there seems to be enough interest for me to go ahead and have a 100 DVD's pressed. Please hold your order requests until tomorrow when I post the official order page. Here are some facts and figures.

The DVD is titled "Food Wish Favorites Vol. 1"
It will feature the following 12 videos, which I chose to give the recipient a wide range of techniques, styles, and one-liners.

This should serve as a great introduction to the site.
Chicken Gumbo
Shrimp Jambalaya
Farmer's Cheese
No-Knead Bread
Ginger Chicken Wings
Chicken Parmesan Bake
Braised Beef Merlot
Lamb Chops
French Onion Soup
Split Pea Soup
Real French Toast
Mushroom Veggie Burger

  • The cost will be $25 and includes shipping and handling.
  • Each disc will be signed and numbered to avoid future controversies in natural history museums.
  • Only 100 DVD's will be offered at this time, on a first come, first serve basis, unless you are a friend, relative, have donated money before, or are willing to make me an offer I can't refuse.
  • Discs will be shipped out using regular first-class mail (only the best for you guys), and will be mailed by December 15th.
  • Due to time constraints and present workload, I can't do any custom messages or gift-wrapping. The DVD will be in a real jewel case made from the finest clear plastic.
  • SORRY, but I can only ship to USA for now, but will soon research the shipping costs for international purchases. UPDATE: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOW AVAILABLE!

That's all for now. More tomorrow, and then you can start flooding me with orders!

I'll have a new recipe video up later today.


skuffen said...

Sounds awesome!

So.. Do you take international orders?

Chef John said...

Sorry! only USA for this first test batch.

Anonymous said...

what kind of real jewel case? Diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire? :-) Couldn't resist--Thanks and I am looking forward to ordering.

PrimeBrit said...

Save one for me!

MarkC said...

Hey Chef John,

It's totally awesome that you're releasing a dvd - total bummer that you're not shipping international just yet (it's a pain doing the customs thing so I understand).

Just a suggestion - why don't you presell the future dvd's so you know the true demand for your product? (if cash isn't on the line, people will say all sorts of things). All you would have to do is put up a link to buy and give a message that it will be a few weeks or so before the product is completed.

Maybe have them at a slight discount to entice buyers, then increase price for people that want to buy later...

Keep on pumping out the recipes! Absolutely love them as does my gf :)