Friday, December 5, 2008

DVDs Shipping Tuesday

Here is the final cover design I sent to the folks producing the DVDs. They will be ready to pick-up Tuesday afternoon, and I will try to get as many mailed as possible.

There are still lots left, so if you haven't ordered one yet, please do. Don't make me beg, because I will.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chef,

You should have tackled the overseas shipping thing already... now we don't know how many of those 'yea' clicks from the poll were local and how many from your overseas fans like myself, with connectivity that sucks, so would have jumped at the DVD :-|

Richard said...

In for one! (as they say on the deal sites)

It's the least I can do for the work you put into the site!


Jairus said...

is there n e way i can ship to london if i live in canada?

Chef John said...

Sure, buy the $30 DVD and email me the address in London. Make sure I know what name you used on the order.

Brooke said...

Do you have a cook book out yet?Do you have any dvds?

Chef John said...

Cookbook soon, DVD here... Thanks!