Monday, December 29, 2008

How Not to Cook a Prime Rib

I've received a lot of great feedback from those who tried the "Method X" technique for cooking prime rib, and the verdict is in.... Guilty of medium-rare perfection on all counts! I'm sure glad you guys didn't screw it up and then try to blame me.

To celebrate our success cooking such an expensive and intimidating hunk of beef, I bring you this short, two-part video of a slightly different method. Enjoy!

Part 1 "Now that's a fire..."

Part 2 "The water seems to make it worse..."


Bill W, NH said...

Ha! Last night we won a 5.7 boneless prime rib roast. We will be roasting it ala Chef John tonight and sharing it with company.

Anonymous said...

With the high level of culinary skills and the spray bottle of vinegar I am surprised they did not cook the salad with the same flame and by the same methods. Then again they probably used a weed whacker to make the salad and I dont' even want to know how they cooked the potato. Next on Cooking with Cavemen: How to burn fur off your roadkill just enough for that extra crispy texture.

Greg said...

Wow! Those guys shouldn't attempt anything beyond BBQ bologna.

Now that I think about it they lack the "Deliverance" drawl to pull that one off.

Charlemange said...

Epic FAIL! I never cook any beef with the grill lid closed (unless it is for goofs who like well done steaks, then I do not care how it comes out.)

BTW, my butter poached roast was a success! I've used some of the leftover butter to make hot wing sauce.

Anonymous said...

that wasnt water... THAT WAS A BOTTLE OF FLAVOR JUICE~

Jen said...

Charlemange, if you took pictures of this butter poached roast, please send them to Chef John to post. I would love to see how it came out. I'd also love instructions for this. I'm currently dry aging a 5lb standing rib roast and will cook it New Year's Eve. I'd love to try your approach.

Chef John, I used your recipe and part of your technique to cook my Christmas rib roast. I used the melted buttery oil to make heart clogging giant yorkshire puddings. My annual guests said it the roast and the puddings were the best I've cooked yet. Thank you and congratulations on Food Wishes's success!

Charlemange said...

Jen, the only pics I took were of the pot of melting butter.

I used Michael Mina's recipe (you can find it online). I put the melted butter in a large pot, second rack from the heat. The roast should cook to 127 degrees. Mine was 130 but it was till okay. You sear on the stove top at the end to get a nice crust.

You do need to french the ends of the prime rib for this technique as those bones are heard to reach during the sear.

It was great but next rib roast, I am trying it with Chef John's X method.

Jen said...

Charlamagne, thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

Dick, said...

Funny stuff! John and I loved it even though we prefer medium rare when we eat meat. Great sense of humor in your writing! Keep it up..