Monday, April 27, 2009

Back and Forth

We just returned home from the amazing Frick Winery, and I'm happy to report another successful Passport event. The weather was glorious, the wine spectacular, and the reviews on the food pairings ranged from delicious to "can I fly you to Dallas?"

Special thanks to my in-la
ws Peggy and Al, who always do such a great job, and despite the long, hard days seem to enjoy themselves thoroughly.

This year also featured the debut of my cousin (Chef) Tony and his very significant other, Nora, who both did a fantastic job. They brought great energy and enthusiasm to the party, not to mention a couple of pair of 25 year-old legs.

So, our busiest week and weekend of the year is over, and after the briefest of breaks (basically, this afternoon) I will get back behind the stove and camera where most of you probable wish I would stay.

Here are a few photos I took (in order); the view from Bill's home overlooking the vineyards at dusk, beef bresaola and arugula, hoisin duck and green onions, one-bite tandoori Waldorf salad, chili-rubbed pork tenderloin with chocolate tortillas and pepper jam, cambazola cheese on fig bread, the post event dinner table featuring giant artichokes and grilled tri-tip.

By the way, if you enjoy great wine, and live in Northern California, do yourself a favor and take a ride up to meet Bill Frick and taste his delicious wines in person at his winery in Geyserville. If you live elsewhere, you can visit the Frick Winery website. Enjoy!


Chris said...

Looks like a very intimate setting! Hope you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Chef 'Tony'? Please--not the same Chef Tony who sells knives on QVC?

Well I hope you drink wine, eat cheese, enjoy the trip Chef John!

Chris said...

Not that Chef Tony.. lol.
The Tony he's referring to actually has a video about sausage if you sift around here. >.>

milkshake said...

That lovely bresaola - it wouldn't be coincidentally the same home-made bresaola, from your mysterious meat-cocoons quiz here, few weeks ago?

Chef John said...

of course not... I'm not licensed to cure and serve meats. The one in the picture is so not the one I made, which was so delicious and tasty. And, it's not the one you see here.