Friday, April 17, 2009

Pebble Beach Food and Wine 2009

Pebbles? You'd think with all the millionaires that live in the area, they could afford some sand. Anyway, I'm headed down to the stunningly beautiful Monterey peninsula today for a quick overnight foodie adventure.

The 2nd Annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine event began on Thursday and runs through Sunday, and I've been blessed with a pass compliments of my friends at Foodbuzz.

I'll be attending a couple demos Saturday, and will also graze, snap, and hopefully film my way through the Lexus Grand Tasting Tent, home to over two hundred wineries, partnered with a small army of star chefs.

This event is not for the financially challenged. Prices range from $100 for individual chef demos, to $4,750 for a complete package that includes a three-night stay, access to all events, including after-hour parties with the star chefs.

Before you put on your "Eat the Rich" t-shirt, and start sharpening your pitchfork, you should know that last years Pebble Beach Food and Wine event raised over $100,000 for local charities.

To give you a little taste, I've embedded a video produced by Lexus, one of the main sponsors. Yes, it is basically a Lexus commercial, but will give you some idea of the event. I will be back Saturday night and hope to post something soon there after.

Photo (c) Flickr user Vaidy Krishnan


Michael said...

hi John! I'm also attending PBF&W, courtesy of Foodbuzz. I'll be there on Sunday though. Thanks for the video. I hadn't seen anything that described the event in depth; its good to know what to expect. Bon apetit! :)

Chef John said...


Chris K. said...

Pebble Beach?

Gonna get any golfing in?

Chef John said...

Golf at Pebble? Yeah, I'm heading over there as soon as I wash my Bentley.

CollegeGourmet said...

You wash your own Bentley? Shouldn't you have "people" to do that for you? ;)

Anonymous said...

You're at a Lexus sponsored event. Trade in your dirty Bentley and get one of those. I heard they let you take them out for a little spin around the 17 mile drive to get a feel for them. What's keeping you? Go for it!

Asian Malaysian said...

Im sure Chef John could easily have had his own Lexus featured in the video if such ostentatious displays of wealth and luxury in these trying times were not beneath him. Thats compassion.
Um. Speaking of which, Chef John, do you think uh, that you could uh, give me that hundred grand in cash? Uh, my concern is, and I've gotta check with, with my accountant, but that this might bump me up into a higher tax uh--