Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pebble Beach Food and Wine 2009 Recap Coming Soon to a Video Recipe Blog Near You

I arrived back in San Francisco last night after an incredible day of food a
nd wine tasting at Pebble Beach. A very sincere thanks to Foodbuzz for the invite, and I hope they, and their community of curious culinarians enjoys the multimedia coverage I'll provide over the next few days.

Today we're headed up to Sonoma to take care of some business for our annual mega-catering at the beautiful Frick winery, which is happening this coming weekend.

This week will be crazy busy getting ready for that, but I will pull together some great video and photos I took down in Pebble and post it for your vicarious viewing pleasure.

It was a who's who of the West coast foodie universe and I was blown away by some of the things I saw and tasted. Stay tuned for the video and photographic recap, along with news about our big upcoming weekend.

By the way, save your "what the hell is that?" comments - all these dishes will be identified in the video(s), usually by the star chef that made them. Cheers!


CollegeGourmet said...

Ooo, I bet you got spoiled this weekend, I'm jealous!
I can't wait for the recap video.

Unknown said...

You're becoming a real Epicureans Hot Spots Travelin' Man! The weather is great, and it should be a really fun day trip. Cheers!

Chezus said...

It was great meeting you this weekend. What a fantastic event!! We will have to get together for a beer or glass of wine after all, we are neighbors!

Chef John said...

It was great meeting you both too! A neighborly beer sounds great. I'll drop you a line next week after our event is finished. Cheers.