Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello from Las Vegas

Just a quick hello from Las Vegas, where Michele and I are having a great time eating and drinking, shoulder-to-shoulder with an amazing array of culinary talent at Vegas Uncork'd. We will be back to work Monday, and I will have lots to share. Stay tuned!


Jenny said...

What a wonderful shot!

You're the best photographer =)

Anonymous said...

I miss you Chef John since your website is like home for me. Could you please teach us how to make either low fat brownies or low fat chocolate chip cookies when you come back? Thank you and continue to enjoy the Vegaaaaassssssss

Maria said...

Hello Chef!
I wantet to thank you for all the great recipe you share here!!!
I am your fan!!!
Greetings from a brasilian that lives in South Korea. (by the way it's pretty hard to find all the ingredients that you use! =P )

Steve said...


I thought in Vegas the mirrors were on the ceilings of the bedrooms.

BTW, I did a riff on your cheese sandwich "recipe" just a bit ago. I have a new favorite. As C. Montgomery Burns puts it "Excelllllent".

iliea said...

Thumbs Up! Tell Vegas that San Francisco says "Hi!"

Jack Parker said...

My first thought when I looked at this picture was that it was a giant cuckoo clock. I had to look twice to see those were plates and that you were looking up into a mirror. If you look again (as if it were a straight-on shot), since you're at the 12 o'clock position, John, you look like the cuckoo coming out of his hole at the top of the hour! (I really do need more coffee...)