Monday, May 17, 2010

Roasted Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus …And That's It

This super simple prosciutto wrapped asparagus recipe sets a new record on Food Wishes for fewest number of ingredients. Some asparagus, prosciutto, and that is it. The fat from the roasting prosciutto provides numerous benefits.

It adds the perfect amount of saltiness. It imparts that rich meaty flavor that only pork can deliver. You'll even get a little pepperiness . I'm more than happy to enjoy asparagus in its natural, swine-free state, but once in a while I need to animal it up a little.

This is such a versatile dish. You can make it for a quick snack as I did, but image a little raft of these glistening spears as a base for a piece of grilled chicken, or tossed on top of a pasta, or salad. You can also break from the two ingredient plan and add lemon, parmesan, aioli, romesco…actually, it would be quicker to list what it doesn't go with.

Asparagus is plentiful right now, so next time you're at the grocery store, or better yet, the farmers market, pick up a few bunches and give it a go. You can really use any thinly sliced cured meat, and I've done this with Serrano ham, as well as smoked Black Forest ham with equally delicious results. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Seam-ma side down... your Italian is showing.

Anonymous said...

John -


- Kyle

Aaron De La Torre said...

You said all the ingredients were on the site but I see no ingredient list Chef...


Grams Pam said...

I have lobster tails in the fridge and fresh asparagus from the farmer's market, for tomorrow night. Your prosciutto wrapped asparagus just became my side dish! (are you a mind reader, is there a tiny food-wishes web cam inside my fridge or what? LoL)

Are these going into your cookbook?

Chris K. said...

As fate would have it, this afternoon I picked up the first box of produce from our CSA farm, and it contains some fresh asparagus.

I am so doing this recipe!

CSA is an acronym for "community supported agriculture." Basically you buy futures in a local farm's harvest, and they supply you directly with fresh produce throughout the growing season.

For more information on CSA projects in your area, check out this website:

This is my second year buying CSA produce. Last season was a challenge - mostly learning to cook seasonally and adjusting my food budget - but it is worth the effort. On several levels.

Grams Pam said...

Chris that is so cool. I have a member share in a CSA farm here in MI. I believe our first pick up is 6/2/10 Great that you shared the info and link for CSA's, thanks for spreading the word.

Glad to hear you adapted to eating seasonally. Chef John has tons of recipes that work well with getting a couple bags of fresh organic veggies every week for 5 months. (I could use a couple more ways to deal with all that Kale though .. LoL!)

MaggieB said...

You are a DEAR! I seriously was wondering what the heck to take to an upcoming party... that I could cook at home & serve at room temp... and not the same old, same old!

I was doing prosciutto wrapped melon, but this just FITS the bill!


Anonymous said...

Was at a wine tasting recently and one of the nibblies was prosciutto wrapped green beans. Devine.

Razors Edge said...

Jamie Oliver would be proud of this recipe !

Collin said...

Chef John,

What do you recommend if I do not have oven?


Chef John said...

sorry, but I'd recommend getting an oven... I'm a big fan. ;-) You can pan fry on low and get a similar effect, but much harder to control.

dining tables said...

I have all the ingredients here in my pantry! I am so excited with this! I want to make some right now.

MaurizioPz said...

Hi John, first time I comment on your blog. I love this recipe, I usually try a very similar one with pancetta instead of prosciutto but I'll try your recipe.
Here's mine if you'd like to have a look
(is in italian)


Anonymous said...

Hello Chef John,

"...sets a new record on Food Wishes for fewest number of ingredients." I'm sure I remember the simplicity of one in Dulce de Leche that "...ties the record for least ingredients in a recipe." But who's counting when they taste so good.

Great job and thanks for the wonderful recipes.

Jesse from Detroit said...

"And for dessert..." Classic.

Tried this on the grill last year... Yummy. Will try in the oven this weekend.

Jesse from Detroit said...

The oven was actually better... and room temp WAS better than fresh out of the oven. Wouldn't have guessed!

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Anonymous said...

Chef John = Awesome!

Real quick question. I'm bringing this as a side to Thanksgiving (which is at an early hour), will this stay in the fridge???


Chef John said...

Sure they will be fine. Thanks!!

Chicau said...

Could we dress this up with a little parmesan or asiago, or would that be too salty?


Chef John said...

yes, too salty for me.

Thom said...

I used this recipe as the base for Easter breakfast, then topped it with a couple poached eggs. While roasting, I included an equal number of unwrapped Asparagus. To plate I alternated wrapped and unwrapped spears, bases together, tips fanned out, and then topped the base of the stalks with two poached eggs. The combination of flavors worked perfectly.

evie said...


Am making this tonight, will go down a treat with champagne I think.

Unknown said...

Hi Chef John,

I'm a huge fan of your recipes. Thank you for bringing all these wonderful ideas to us. When I saw this one, I was so excited, coz both ingredients are my and my husband's favorite. The only question I have is that I don't have a silicon mat, can I use aluminum foil or wax paper instead??

Chef John said...

Both work! Thanks!

Shane said...

Chef John
Will this work on a grill or will the prosciutto fall a part? Plus love watching your video's, have learned a lot THANK YOU

Unknown said...

Hey chef John. Big fan. Love doing asparagus like this. I like to smear one side of the prosciutto with cream cheese before wrapping (cream cheese on the inside) Amazing! Love your recipes, thank you for sharing. My husband thanks you as well