Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stay Tuned for an Important Announcement!

Later tonight I will be posting a video and making an announcement about an exciting new feature that's launching on YouTube. I can't say anything yet, but be sure to check back later tonight for details!

Michele and I are having a great time in the big city, and will be back in San Francisco on Thursday. By the way, I was at Parragon Publishing today, proofing the final layouts for the cookbook. Everything looks great, and it should be going to press soon!

We dropped in last night to Pulino's, the city's hottest new restaurant, where our cousin, Tony, is the sous chef under star chef Nate Appleman.

We had an incredible Margherita pizza, and the photo you see was the view from our booth, out the front door of a Shepard Fairey mural across the street on E. Bowery and Houston. You may know him as the creator of the now famous Obama "Hope" poster. Thought it was a cool shot. Enjoy and stay tuned.


Basia said...

You are officially too cool for school! This is all so exciting! Hope you're both enjoying the Apple. (Michelle - make CJ take you to Chinatown. Shop. Recklessly!) Don't forget to brunch @ the Copper Hatch - if it's still there! love

Jacquie said...

Chef John you have inspired me to Blog about my food, so thank you that, also thanks for your recipes I've been improvising on it, since i live in Australia i can get all ingredients in your amazing yet simple dishes. I look forward to traveling around the world for culinary experiences and in hoping that one day I'd be able to meet you.
Until then, keep going =)

Chris K. said...

I remember Shepard Fairey as the creator of "Andre the Giant has a posse." Those stickers were everywhere.

Congrats on the cookbook! Can I pre-order an autographed copy?

Chef John said...

Chris, yes, but you should just wait a few months and you'll be able to pick one up at garage sales everywhere! ;-)

Chef John said...

Basia, thanks for the tips! (except the shopping one)

Jacquie, I look forward to it.

Unknown said...

I love your recipes, I've tried quite a few and each one has turned out great! Not sure if that's my talent, or yours. ;) Just kidding - I always give you great praise to my family and friends.

I will be sure to buy the cookbook. It will be nice to have a quick resource, so I don't have to skip through the videos to remember certain steps.

Thank you for all your hard work, looking forward to new feature! I'm curious!